SAP Marketing Cloud or Emarsys?

A Syskoplan Reply whitepaper about areas of application and highlights

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Customer Experience as greatest asset

Customers face an almost bewildering number of alternatives nowadays. That's why visibility is one of the most important topics for companies at present. In order to provide an exceptional customer experience, customer engagement platforms are absolutely essential.

Emarsys or SAP Marketing Cloud?

SAP has been offering a proven solution for many years with its SAP Marketing Cloud. A second platform was recently added to the portfolio: Emarsys.

Syskoplan Reply offers SAP customers and interested parties an overview of both platforms, answers initial questions and helps them to make the right decision when it comes to changing platform.

A common basis

The high-level process and goal of both marketing platforms are essentially very similar: insights are gained based on customer, prospect, interaction or user-defined data, which in turn help to deliver highly personalised and relevant communications to recipients across multiple channels. Within this process, however, both systems have different approaches.

In the whitepaper Syskoplan Reply outlines the respective highlights and arguments in favour of both systems for initial orientation purposes.

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    Syskoplan Reply

    Syskoplan Reply is the expert for SAP Customer Experience in the Reply network. As a specialist in customer-centric processes in the automotive, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods and financial services sectors, Syskoplan Reply is the ideal partner for the successful implementation of digitalization initiatives with SAP Customer Experience solutions, SAP S/4HANA (Customer Management) and SAP Analytics for large enterprises and mid-sized companies. In collaboration with other specialists in the Reply network, Syskoplan Reply delivers the often decisive added value for an optimal solution that focuses on customer benefits.