How to manage quality in software development for SAP Fiori

A Syskoplan Reply whitepaper about quality management in software development

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New possibilities with SAP Fiori

With the introduction of Fiori and the directly linked technologies OData and UI5 into the SAP world, more modern web-based technologies are being introduced. This leads in particular to countless possibilities for how the new approaches can be used and adapted. An important key point here is Continious Integration (CI) and Continious Delivery (CD). The speed and frequency of development can be increased enormously, but quality must always be taken into account.
However, this speed can only be achieved without a loss of quality if expert knowledge in the individual technologies, their application and a development setup that adequately supports this are applied. This whitepaper presents a setup that has proven itself in the context of in-house developments at Syskopan Reply.


  • Enablement of new approaches with SAP Fiori
  • The Syskoplan Reply quality assurance approach
  • The importance of expert knowledge

A new way to manage SAP implementations

„SAP Fiori UX is a radical rethink of the way people should interact with an ERP system. It will impact the way application leaders need to manage their SAP implementation, including team responsibilities, structures and success metrics.“ (GARTNER)
Syskoplan Reply has also adapted to this new way of software development with SAP Fiori and has established a four-part quality assurance process for the development of modern and innovative applications.

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