How to SAP Fiori

A kick-start for SAPUI5 & OData with Syskoplan Reply

Paradigm shift in the SAP ecosystem

With the introduction of Fiori, SAP has created a paradigm shift within the SAP ecosystem. While the applications built in the past were large and powerful, the focus now is on small and highly specialised applications. This not only reduces complexity, but also makes the applications simpler and more intuitive.

For some time now, the technology duo SAPUI5 and OData has given SAP a strong foundation to provide users with a modern user experience in the enterprise environment. Together, the two frameworks and their new approaches pave the way for a way of working that is fit for the modern employee.

SAP Fiori

"SAP Fiori UX is a radical rethink of the way people should interact with an ERP system. It will impact the way application leaders need to manage their SAP implementation, including team responsibilities, structures and success metrics."

- Jim Murphy and Brian Prentice (Gartner)

A workshop with experienced SAP experts

This paradigm shift often presents companies with the problem of finding the right entry point. Syskoplan Reply has many years of experience in the development and integration of SAP systems, gathered over many projects. It offers a crash course in building an application based on SAPUI5 and OData together with developers.

The application developed in this course is defined and planned in advance with the workshop participants. The scope and possibilities are discussed here in short clarification meetings. Taking prior knowledge into account, this allows a challenging but feasible program to be designed.

In keeping with the motto "Helping people to help themselves", participants in the crash course are then provided an opportunity to plan and implement Fiori applications. Content-wise, this includes both the frontend, which is implemented in SAPUI5, and the backend, which is implemented on the basis of code in ABAP as an OData interface using REST principles.

One week of intensive training

To develop the various components, the experts from Syskoplan Reply lead the kick-start on site in the company, with the active participation of the participants. In addition to the theoretical introduction to the topics, the experts are on-hand during the course to answer technical questions and deepen the participants’ understanding with specialist knowledge. Other focus topics include UX design, the Fiori guidelines and best practices.

Necessary prior knowledge

In order to successfully complete the kick-start, participants must be well-versed in ABAP development and have a good basic knowledge of JavaScript. If they do not yet possess this knowledge, Syskoplan Reply can provide preparation materials.

This offer has already been taken up by companies in the energy sector, the automotive sector and the financial services industry. By the end of the workshop, the companies were able to put various simple applications into productive operation, thanks to support from the Syskoplan Reply experts.

Week timetable

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