Digitised Customer Service

Syskoplan Reply created innovative and efficient solutions for companies during the critical phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contactless Interaction

The pandemic has shown the world what happens when companies pay too little attention to digitisation.

Companies that had already digitised their customer processes to a large extent have made it through the crisis unscathed so far. Moreover, we also saw how quickly companies can introduce digital processes when business is at stake.

Examples of digital processes in sales and service

In one example, the experts at Syskoplan Reply implemented a costing application for a building materials manufacturer. The building materials dealer can not only calculate required materials with this application, but also place the order for a building site at the same time. It’s not only digital sales that has experienced an additional boom during the pandemic, digital customer service has also grown to become an essential process.

Face-to-face customer contact became largely impossible and even contact between colleagues was extremely restricted, meaning that the entirety of customer service had to be transferred to a virtual environment practically overnight. In the wake of this, the experts at Syskoplan Reply quickly created a solution for a large retail chain, which enables customers to initiate a request via various channels. Customer service can then answer these directly in full, all the way from parcel tracking and payment history to returns processing.

Successful individual solution architectures

Syskoplan Reply used these to help companies to react quickly to the new pandemic situation with the appropriate SAP solutions. Existing digital solution architectures were further expanded and new digital customer service solutions were also quickly created. In addition to the solution scenarios delivered by SAP, specially tailored company-specific solutions were also implemented quickly and efficiently. The successes here included custom Microsoft Teams integration, special apps and integration of numerous third-party tools in other projects.

Use of machine learning and intelligent process automation

In addition to the classic service topics, new innovative scenarios such as machine learning and intelligent process automation were also established.

Using modules from the SAP portfolio among others, the experts at Syskoplan Reply also quickly and efficiently built up new solution scenarios for companies in this area that will sustainably change and simplify customer service in the long term. One example is the automatic categorisation of customer requests based on machine learning. Another project involves suggesting email templates for customer communications. At first glance, both these practical applications are traditionally neglected scenarios. However, a large amount of efficiency can be gained in these areas, especially if large volumes of requests and communications are processed.

Intelligent process automation was used in numerous projects to increase efficiency. For example, relevant customer requests from an Outlook multidrop mailbox were qualified, enriched with all necessary data and transferred to SAP Service Cloud.

Taking crisis solutions sustainably into the future

Now that the critical core phase of the pandemic is over, companies must once again prepare for changes in customer service. With the resurgence of social and face-to-face contact, the new challenge is to combine virtual customer service, which has become the new standard, with the traditional method. Digital processes, which were often introduced quickly as a stopgap solution, must be bundled into a permanent and sustainable platform.

Syskoplan Reply is the right partner when it comes to establishing innovative, effective and sustainable customer service based on the SAP portfolio – both during and beyond the pandemic. Both the experts’ many years of experience and the constructive working relationship with customers testify to this fact.

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