GDPR as a
Chance for Change

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in force since 2018, had a great impact on data collection and data-driven marketing.
But GDPR doesn't mean the end for data-driven marketing.



After years of promoting data-driven marketing, a few years ago modern thinking companies have discovered marketing automation and analytics for themselves. They raised data temples and put a lot of effort into initiating modern marketing in their organizations. Successfully: The effects of optimized customer journeys led to sometimes drastic increases in impact and customer satisfaction. Those who weren't ready yet at least became curious.

Then came 2018, with the greatest impact on the laboriously collected data in the history of data-driven marketing. The alleged evil bears the name GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The majority of marketers had to deal with a feeling of uncertainty, which slowed down long overdue transformation projects or even forced them to superficially comply with the new restrictions, often at the expense of the properly registered recipients of personalized newsletters. It was not uncommon for a hastily sent request for a new consent to result in the partial or total loss of the recipient database. There was a widespread feeling that all the data collected so far was now being used as a boomerang.

25 MAY 2018:

Getting rid of dust

But GDPR is also a big chance. It whirls up the dust that has set off over years and makes manual data processes, laboriously maintained Excel files, missing interfaces or isolated solutions visible. Additionally, the actuality and usability of data was questioned: In the times of GDPR it becomes inevitable to replace pure data collecting frenzy against the raising of Smart Data.

In the past it was possible to get along with outdated, simple, inflexible solutions and workarounds. That has changed: only who changes the way, how he collects, processes and uses personal data, remains competitive. Everyone is faced with the need for coherent data management, end-to-end solutions and automation. The importance of data will not end with GDPR regulation but will continue to grow. The customer satisfaction or success rate does not have to suffer from it.

Using the Momentum

The entire digital marketing industry is revolutionising. There couldn't be a better chance to change. Expand your opportunities and see GDPR as your catalyst. Modern Marketing Automation and Cloud Solutions will help you overcome these and many other challenges with an even more beneficial improvement to your overall marketing. Together with Oracle, Riverland Reply offers a strong consulting and integration service for GDPR-compliant marketing automation and CRM solutions. Let us help you get the most out of Momentum!