When a customer interacts with an organization, it is valuable for the organization to gain a wide range of information available in order to give the customer a personalized experience. Recently, this became the focus for a German multinational producer of automobiles and motorcycles.

Car dealer

A new focus on the customer and an aim in giving them a completely personalized experience is changing the automotive industry and is challenging the dealers’ current business model – or, to put it more clearly: the traditional dealership model is questionable in many markets. Recently, this became the focus for a German multinational producer of automobiles and motorcycles. The German car producer is therefore looking to strengthen access to technologies and customers for all the markets the company is represented in.

The carmaker started a new project to integrate current and new systems so a dealer is quickly able to achieve a 360° view of the customer. The company is facing the challenge to ensure that the new solution matches the dealer’s requirements in the relevant market as well as a successful rollout.

The car producer found in Riverland Reply an experienced and trusted partner with core competencies in business consulting, cloud solution integration and more than 10 years involvement in other rollout projects for the German producer of luxury automobiles. Together with the client, Riverland Reply transforms today’s dealer network into a profitable, modern, multi-format sales channel that combines the opportunities of the online world with the strengths of the traditional dealership channel.


The project is the first step of digitalization on the retail level focusing on standardized CRM processes to empower a seamless customer lifecycle. Therefore, a harmonization of the processes and the IT landscape across all brands as well as across the relevant business areas – such as New Car, Used Car, Aftersales, Corporate Direct Sales or Financial Services – and the relevant touch points, including RT/WH integration as well as multichannel integration, is completed.

Together with the German carmaker, Riverland Reply performed a requirement analysis for the pilot market to compare the current sales process to the new standardized CRM process. The requirements where documented, measured and provided to the client who is responsible for the development.

When the requirements are implemented, the project will continue into the next phase: Rollout.


As a multinational company the carmaker is facing the challenges of implementing a standardized CRM system with standardized sales processes across markets. On top of this the new CRM system is integrated with new and already running systems, which differs from all markets. Riverland Reply’s responsibilities consist of two main areas:

  1. 1. Project steering and market management; This includes the creation of the planned applications to the dealers, considering and respecting:
  • the guidelines of central and regional business departments
  • the dealers’ needs based on their daily business.
    1. 2. Support in project lead of the new and existing systems, test and implementation and training of the dealer.