Move to the Oracle Cloud with Red Reply

And save

For a migration to the Oracle Cloud of systems and applications, the customer is guaranteed a saving of 30% on the total of the following costs:

  • Facilities costs (power, cooling, tile management, security, cabling, ...)
  • Recurring costs of infrastructure assets (computing, storage, backup, networking, ...)
  • Recurring infrastructure and platform costs (operational system, storage tiering sw, backup, virtualization, DB, appl server, balancer, ...)
  • Operating costs (syst admin, storage and backup admin, network admin, DBA, ...)


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Who we are

Born from Technology Reply, Red Reply is specialized on Oracle Public Cloud with a focus on Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS:

- Cloud Strategy and Migration
- Cloud Applications Development
- Cloud Service Management

Red Reply is the only Italian Partner certified by Oracle as Managed Service Provider.

Red Reply supports its customers in the process of transformation of the information systems, from design to implementation of innovative solutions based on Oracle technology.

Oracle Cloud


How to take advantage of cloud computing for Industrie 4.0 and Enterprise 4.0

Industrie 4.0 is characterised by increased production flexibility and by the union, combining and harmonisation of key technologies designed to provide the required simplicity, connectivity and openness for a new generation of Manufacturing plants. The CLOUD becomes an enabler and an essential factor that helps enterprises to complete the digital transformation process quickly, with the guidance and support of Red Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in technology and process consulting services on the Oracle Cloud platform.

How to take advantage of cloud computing for Industrie 4.0 and Enterprise 4.0 0



This new solution is based on these Oracle technologies: the Oracle Database 18c Enterprise Edition, that drives performance to the next level with autonomous mechanism, the pre-existing Oracle Exadata, as the deployment platform, and the Oracle Cloud Automated Database.



News & Communication

Red Reply wins the Oracle “Partner of the Year: Autonomous” award

Red Reply, the Reply group company that specialises in the Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS platform has been named as Oracle “Partner of the Year: Autonomous”. The award recognises Red Reply for its work as an Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider Partner in developing highly innovative projects using the Oracle Autonomous Database technology.


Red Reply supports the evaluation, adoption and management of Cloud solutions:



Define the architectural solution in line with the specific requests of the client.



Build the architecture according to standards and best practices.



Testing and tuning activities to optimize the platform.



Coordination and management of allocated systems.



Monitoring and maintenance of the system to guarantee security and updating. Issue management and change request.

Red Reply: methodology and tools

AS-IS Assessment Sizing "Target" Solution Benefits Analysis


  • 1

    Workshop Contest

  • 2

    Data Collection

  • 3

    Cluster Classification

  • 4

    Resource sizing

Discover the infrastructure resources associated with applications at nominal and actually "consumed" levels.

Underline infrastructure dependencies resulting from application relationships.

Group the different portions of infrastructure resources to find a priority in the execution phase.

Discovery tool

  • 1

    Discovery Data gathered from on-prem machines

  • 2

    Aggregated Data loaded into Analytics Platform

  • 3

    Graph Analysis on Infrastructure & Programs Dependencies and Compatibility

  • 4

    Migration “Waves” identified, sized and priced

TCO tool

«As Is» scenario
Target «To Be» scenario
More than 4000 possible HW configurations
Evalutation of competitive environments between different Cloud Providers

Data entry to support economic evaluation:

Inflation rates
Personnel costs

Full report covering the elements of the assessment:
Asset Description for Starting and Target setting
Input used
Benefit analysis
TCO and cash flow

Best Practice

Oracle cloud@customer: the foundations of Retail Banking

A major European leading bank for financial services and retail banking, with head offices in Italy and France, has begun a process of modernising its database management infrastructure with the aim of renewing existing on-premises systems.

Oracle cloud@customer the foundations of Retail Banking 0


Case Study

Airline integrates Feedback and Sales System into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

One of Europe's leading airlines has decided to move its global complaint management and B2B sales activities to the cloud. Red Reply's expertise on Oracle technology made the customer the first company in Germany to integrate the entire Oracle Siebel-based Feedback and Sales System into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Airline integrates Feedback and Sales System into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 0

Nidec Sole Motor

Case Study

Reducing infrastructure management costs with Oracle Cloud

Red Reply helped Nidec Sole Motor Corporation in migrating its core applications to an Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Transformation

Best Practice

A media agency wants to move to the Oracle Cloud

Red Reply supported one of the biggest media agencies in Europe with the generation of a decision-making base using a proof of concept, in order to move a virtualised, on-premises legacy MS WIN application to the Oracle Cloud.


Case Study

Oracle Autonomous DWH at the service of online insurance

Red Reply accompanied Verti in its renewal programme, identifying the Oracle PaaS Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADWH) technology as the solution best suited to the needs of the insurance company.

Oracle Autonomous DWH at the service of online insurance 0

Cloud migration

Case Study

Red Reply for Tecnocasa

Tecnocasa, the largest Real Estate Group at Italian and European level with over 2,700 real estate and credit mediation agencies operating in 8 countries, collaborated with Red Reply for the cloud migration project that involved the company’s end-to-end information system, from the operational system to the analytical component.

Red Reply for Tecnocasa 0

14.11.2017 / Oracle Cloud

News & Communication

Red Reply starts 2018 with Oracle awards

Red Reply has won two Oracle awards for its repeatedly successful implementation of innovative ideas based on Oracle cloud services: in early October, Red Reply received the "1st Order, Lift and Shift Apps Unlimited to Cloud Machine" prize at the Oracle Open World Conference in San Francisco and the "Partner Excellence Award" at the Oracle Partner Day in Frankfurt on 14 November 2017.

09.11.2017 / Award

News & Communication

Siram and Tecnocasa awarded by Oracle thanks to Business Reply and Red Reply

Siram and Tecnocasa have received a prestigious award from Oracle in recognition of the Cloud projects developed, respectively, in collaboration with Business Reply and Red Reply.

Fondazione Don Gnocchi

Case Study

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Fondazione Don Gnocchi

Red Reply helped Fondazione Don Gnocchi to implement the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solution.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Fondazione Don Gnocchi 0

19.02.2019 / Stuttgart


Oracle Analytics & Machine Learning Day

At Oracle Analytics and Machine Learning Day in Stuttgart, the Oracle Key Account Team for Daimler AG in cooperation with Oracle Product Management provides an insight into the current status of its product range and its future plans. Guest speakers from Daimler TSS and Red Reply are presenting real use cases to demonstrate the possibilities of the technologies.

24.10.2018 / Frankfurt


Meet Red Reply at the Now Summit

Red Reply exhibits at the Now Summit on October 24, 2018 in Frankfurt on DevOps, Security & Cloud Management. The Now Summit is the ideal place to learn more from visionaries, customers and partners about how you can deliver great employee and customer experiences with ServiceNow.

Oracle Siebel Lift & Shift to Oracle Cloud@Customer

Moving an on premise Oracle Siebel based Fleetmanagement System onto the Oracle Cloud@Customer with ongoing Full Application Managed Services (AMS), delivered from Red Reply.




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