ScenarioUnderstanding and processing unstructured data
efficiently with AI

For expert.ai, a leader in the artificial intelligence (AI) market for natural language understanding and semantic analysis of business documents, infrastructure optimisation is crucial both to guarantee the highest levels of security and flexibility to its customers, and to consolidate its competitive advantage in the evolving field of artificial intelligence. In this scenario, the company has chosen Red Reply, a Reply Group company and leader in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solutions, to enhance its infrastructure in a scalable and secure manner.

The challengeOptimising IT infrastructure

In order to integrate emerging technologies and meet new requirements to support critical AI solutions, particularly in the banking sector, expert.ai needed to upgrade its infrastructure. The ultimate goal was to ensure improved scalability, high performance and maximum security at all times.

The solutionThe new cloud infrastructure on OCI

Red Reply implemented and managed an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for expert.ai. This new infrastructure ensured efficiency and security for expert.ai's applications, enabling them to operate with greater speed and reliability.

The elasticity of the cloud infrastructure made it easier for expert.ai to scale its solutions according to demand, ensuring optimal resource management during peak demand. In addition, Red Reply played a key role as Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider, providing continuous and proactive support. This includes instance management, automatic scalability and optimal resource allocation to maximise efficiency and reduce costs. Constant monitoring of infrastructure performance ensures that expert.ai can continuously operate in a secure and high-performance environment.

The resultsEmpowering your business with Oracle cloud

With the transition to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, expert.ai showed clear improvements. The migration enabled faster data processing and more flexible adaptation to market needs, simultaneously enhancing security against online threats by adhering to Oracle's security best practices. Choosing this cloud infrastructure also ensured scalability and reduced time-to-market.
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    Expert.ai (EXAI:IM) is the market leader in artificial intelligence for natural language understanding. With a hybrid approach, combining symbolic understanding and machine learning, expert.ai provides solutions and tools to manage information-intensive contexts and transform data into knowledge. Companies in insurance, banking, financial services, publishing, as well as public administration, defence, and intelligence organisations rely on expert.ai to understand and analyse complex documents, accelerate intelligent process automation, and make faster, more informed decisions..

  • Red Reply is the Reply Group company that designs and implements solutions and services based on Oracle Cloud platforms of IaaS and PaaS type, supporting its clients in migrating systems and applications to the cloud. Through a consolidated experience with Oracle solutions, Red Reply offers comprehensive support for Cloud Strategy and Migration, Cloud Application Development and Cloud Service Management services. Red Reply is among the first Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider partners worldwide. Through specific methods and tools, Red Reply supports its clients, from the evaluation phase of the cloud approach, to the migration to a new architecture and the adoption of an IT service delivery model in Oracle Cloud, guaranteeing cost reduction, scalability and agility.