Web Access Protection

Protect your sensitive information across multiple cloud environments

What is Web Access Protection?

A comprehensive cloud access security broker solution that provides advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, and enhanced visibility and control over cloud applications and services.


  • Comprehensive visibility into cloud applications and data usage

  • Discovery and assessment of cloud app risks, including shadow IT and unauthorized usage

  • Protect your sensitive information anywhere in the cloud.


  • Enable secure remote work and help protect against anomalous behaviors

  • Real-time threat detection and response for cloud-based threats

  • Robust data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities to prevent data leaks and inappropriate sharing

  • Real-time controls to secure your organisation

  • Conditional and adaptive access policies for secure access control

How can Net Reply help?

  • Defining Security

    Demonstrate capabilities, shape security vision, align current capabilities.

  • Review Strategic Plans

    Assess maturity, evaluate current plans and roadmaps.

  • Technical Readiness Evaluation

    Assess environmental readiness and gap analysis to determine next actions for readiness.



Microsoft Cloud Security

It can be hard to know where to start with your Microsoft security investment - our experts are available to work with your business to help prioritise, implement and operationalise all the capabilities that come from your licensing investment.

15.08.2023 / Cybersecurity


The Changing Hacker Mindset

An invariant of the cybersecurity industry is that attacks will continue to happen, but even at a global level the preferred methods and outcomes of attackers are changing and adapting at noticeable levels.

11.05.2023 / Cybersecurity News


Swiss Cheese Security

There is a concept in risk analysis known as the Swiss cheese model, based on those such as Emmental which is famous for its holes. When considering each layer of defence around a system there may be flaws, or holes, in each layer, but if the holes do not all line up then there is no direct path through the layers and the whole defence has no hole.



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