Identity and Access Management (IdAM/IAM)
Privileged Access Management (PAM)

The Assurance that Users are who they say they are, and an ability to control what they can do

What is IdAM/IAM?

It comprises Process, Policy and Technology. The Identity part of IdAM ensures that each person or device can be uniquely identified with high levels of Assurance. The Assurance is to verify they are who they claim to be, and are not imposters. Access Management ensures the right people, have the right access, at the right time, in order for an activity to be performed.


  • Improved Security and Compliance Posture

  • Improves resistance to attack

  • Ensures that people have the right access

Use Cases

  • Authentication (MFA) and single-sign on (SSO)

  • Role-based access control (RBAC)

  • User lifecycle management

  • Enabling B2B collaboration via identity federation

  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) management

How can Net Reply help?

  • Strategy definition

    Creation of IDAM roadmap aligned to business objectives and risk tolerance.

  • Wholistic approach

    Our team consider all aspects of IDAM, covering people, process and technology.

  • Operational enablement

    Ensure ongoing management of identity risk by providing through training to operational teams.

What is PAM?

PAM is one part of Identity and Access Management, and a specialism in its own right. Privilege means having a level of access that is not standard. Higher risk access should have enhanced security controls such as a separate account, different password policies as compared to Standard Access, improved audit trail, safeguards to resist against attack.


  • Allows for greater levels of control when improving the Security and Compliance Posture

  • Targets high risk assets when improving the Security and Compliance Posture

  • A key tool in managing risks presented by administrative access

Use Cases

  • Risk-based privileged access management

  • Enforced automatic password rotation

  • Monitoring and recording of administrative sessions

  • Leverage PAM solution for problem management

  • Password vaulting for highly privileged (e.g. breakglass) accounts

How can NET Reply Help?

  • Options analysis

    Being vendor-agnostic, our team can recommend tooling based on your business's specific requirements.

  • Readiness assessment

    Minimise impact of adoption by identifying friction points before implementation.

  • Implementation services

    Leverage our experience in implementing enterprise-grade PAM solutions at scale.



Privileged Access Management

Gartner predicts that 65% of companies that make use of features like privileged task automation will save money on staff costs for IT ops, raising up to 40%. 

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