What we do

We are a leading Security practice offering clients thought leadership and strategic direction to apply a balanced risk based approach across the entirety of their business. Establishing best practice controls, that complements each of our client’s unique business patterns, to maximise business agility, align Business and IT planning whilst securing data, privacy and sensitive business information.



Providing independent leadership, guidance and ownership across strategy, compliance and risk management enabling your organisation to be agile and adaptable to the evolving threat landscape.

Strategic business enablement

Streamline technology operations within your organisation developing enablement processes that can help IT Systems keeps pace with the modern workplace in a safe a secure way.

Enterprise Security Governance

Defining the security guiderails and governance framework for your organisation, providing effective risk management and a data driven approach to decision making and investment within risk tolerance thresholds.

Thought Leadership in current and emerging technologies

Recognising security gaps across all industries to produce unique innovative solutions that will further help organisations secure themselves with the evolving technology of the modern world.

E2E Security Enablement

Security Architecture as a Service

We help organisations develop the right principles, methods and models that aligns with their unique business strategy and help organisations to better understand and manage their information security program.

Secure digital business transformation

Helping business to securely exploit modern, cloud technologies to transform cultural and IT environments for the betterment of the business ensuring the optimal balance between rapid innovation and considered risk-based approach.

Transparent security, enabling delivery at pace

Facilitating the “shift left” paradigm to improving Security agility. Reducing time to identify, analyse and remediate threats across new projects and vast swathes of your infrastructure.

On-Prem, Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Security Technologies

While technology and service consumption methods evolve, cyber threats and information risk remains a constant. In recognition of this, we assess, define and deliver security controls aligned with your IT landscape & risk tolerance.


Framework assessments

Providing your organisation with an independent view of maturity against industry recognised frameworks to inform gap analysis, investment, delivery prioritisation and your enterprise risk landscape.

Security Assurance

Providing you with confidence that your systems are in line with your policies and industry good practice, covering both the technological and operational aspects.

Risk & Compliance framework implementation

Proactive Risk Management tailored to your industry, region and regulatory landscape. Focussed on key services and high-profile business challenges.

Security awareness training

Security Awareness is more important than ever, especially with the rise in phishing attacks and remote working. A customised and light touch training programme designed to uplift and empower your employees.


Automation, Optimisation and Security Workshops

Reply have created an exciting new initiative to help our clients gain insights into how they can optimise and innovate to unlock the value of leveraging Azure services, or automate and secure Microsoft cloud services.

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Security Viewpoint

White Paper


SD-WAN provides a transformational change in Network capability; offering providers and Enterprises a significant opportunity to deliver truly disruptive solutions that provide key competitive advantages.


How secure is your Security?

In this webinar we explored some of the issues faced every day by security professionals and demonstrate how Net Reply and Pcysys Pentera can shoulder some of that burden by increasing cyber validation efficacy and reducing risk with 24/7 infrastructure pentesting managed services.


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Security and Networks


Remote Working Cheat Sheet

During this unprecedented time, WM Reply and Net Reply offered guidance in a webinar around considerations and possible changes businesses may need to address with mass remote working. In addition we would like to provide a cheat sheet of key Security and Network topics discussed during the webinar.



Microsoft Security Workshop

Identify your critical, exploitable threats with a Net Reply workshop, sponsored by Microsoft.

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Best Practice

How much fun are you having with network security?

You may be considering measures that reduce the risk of attacks targeting your network devices. Our approach addresses the problems that your systems might face.


Best Practice

Visibility and zero-trust security across your entire server infrastructure

Today, the success of many organisations depends on the ability to provide users with fast, reliable and secure access to business applications across a variety of platforms. Find out how we offer our customers unique solutions to enhance visibility into network and application resources, monitor security and segmentation compliance across their entire estate.

Visibility and zero-trust security across your entire server infrastructure 0