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Cybersecurity threats challenging businesses in 2022

Dan Tremeer, Net Reply UK, responds to questions related to the cybersecurity challenges companies will be facing in 2022 in an article published at Global Banking and Finance.



Securing 5G - The Challenges and Opportunities

If your role involves 5G enablement, watch this video to discover the challenges, risks and opportunities of securing a 5G ecosystem!

19.11.2021 / Edge Computing


Security in Edge Computing

According to all the usual suspects in IT trend forecasting, edge computing is the latest and greatest growth area. Currently, about 10% of enterprise related data is created and processed outside the centralised systems, in the data centres or corporate cloud environment, but this will grow to the majority of the data within two or three years.

12.11.2021 / Edge Computing


How Edge Computing can help offload the network infrastructure

In this article we are exploring three aspects of Edge Computing: Content Delivery networks (CDNs), Computation on the Edge and on-device processing; with real-world applications that helped offload the network infrastructure, saving cost and giving a better user experience to consumers.

22.10.2021 / Cloud


Multi-cloud Strategy

As organisations are taking a step to modernise and digitalise their traditional workloads, the Cloud has played a crucial role. In this article, the different types of Cloud strategies, as well as the benefits and challenges of the Multi-Cloud, will be analysed.

11.10.2021 / Software Deployment


The 4 Most Common Deployment Strategies in 2021

Software deployment is the process of remotely installing software on multiple or all the computers within a network simultaneously, from a central location The most popular deployment strategies currently used across the industry are discussed in this blog.

01.10.2021 / Cybersecurity


Security: Then, Now and Next

Security has been an ever-changing topic over the past few decades. This article focuses on the technology side of security operations and will look at how security practices have changed, where the current practices are heading, and how to achieve the best from modern security services.

23.09.2021 / AI/ML


Which Image Recognition API to Use?

Computer vision continues to be one of the hottest topics in the tech industry. With image/video recognition being considered the core of it, it’s been able to transform businesses using innovative techniques.

17.09.2021 / AI/ML


AI: The Enabler for Superhuman Achievements

This article presents several advancements made in the field of AI, with examples such as Tesla's autonomous driving system or Deep Mind's Alpha Fold. Several breakthroughs in AI problems showcase the potential of modern AI systems, although some limitations remain present.

10.09.2021 / AI and ML


AI/ML: The next big step in the telco industry!

The telecommunication industry has seen so many advancements in the recent years. As the 5G evolution brings in new use cases, Artificial Intelligence is key to accelerate the time to market for the 5G offerings. But how is AI and ML incorporated in the telco world?

03.09.2021 / AI


The use of AI in smart drones

The rising use of AI is clear in every industry. In this article the use of AI in drones will be discussed — why we want and need it to operate on a drone, what issues do we face when trying to deploy AI on a drone and finally how can we address those identified issues, to allow reliable AI operation.

27.08.2021 / Phishing


You’ve Been Smished! - So Now What?

Cyber Security professionals can spot an SMS Smishing or Email Phishing campaign, but how many know what they should do with them? What to do next is rarely discussed and few Cyber Security professionals are aware of the best practices. This article will guide you through several tactics to spot and report a phishing or Smishing when you receive one.

24.08.2021 / Cloud Migration


Cloud Migration Strategies

Cloud services have become one of the key accelerators in transforming organizational goals and long-term business needs. Moving to the cloud has generated both benefits but also challenges caused by the disruptions from the migration. This article will explore several strategies to overcome them.

16.08.2021 / Cloud Automation


Automated 5G Infrastructure deployment: in practice

In the previous article, we have discussed the theory of DevOps and Infrastructure as Code. It's now time to dig into the practical concepts of these topics and see actual results from a CI/CD pipeline that runs Terraform and deploys the infrastructure for a Kubernetes cluster that can host a 5G networking solution.

10.08.2021 / Cloud Automation


Automated 5G Infrastructure deployment : the theory

In this 2-part blog, we are using open-source technologies such as Terraform, Docker and Kubernetes to automatically deploy an infrastructure to AWS using GitlabCI. This blog will cover the concepts and technologies necessary in order to achieve this goal. More specifically, we will explain DevOps, CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

30.07.2021 / Cloud


Cloud Computing Amidst COVID-19 and Beyond

During the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations across all sectors faced disruptions, such as accommodating remote working, making products and services available online and ensuring their effective delivery. To help adapt to the "new normal" in the most scalable, time and cost-effective way, organisations have accelerated their path towards cloud adoption. 

27.07.2021 / Edge Computing


Edge Computing - Telco and Cloud in a Competitive Setting

In the era of edge computing in which Cloud and Telecom providers compete for enterprise opportunities, the relationship between them can be summarised as one of 'frenemies'. This article discusses the interdependence and competition between Cloud and Telecom providers and provides examples of their strategic partnerships.

12.07.2021 / Cloud Security


Cloud Security - Top 5 threats to be considered

The Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report states that 99% of organisations use at least one form of cloud technology. With Cloud having become so prevalent, we have seen Cloud-based cyber-attacks rise 630% in 2020 (Fintech News) which leads to the question, what should we be doing to protect our Cloud infrastructure?

05.07.2021 / Cloud


Infrastructure as Code – Pulumi challenges Terraform

In the past decade, server installation and configuration have been migrating to the cloud or virtual servers. In this blog, we compare the two most popular Open Source IaC tools: Pulumi and Terraform.

23.06.2021 / Business Analysis and Automation


Business Analysis and Automation – A Study

This week, we are diving into our Network Business Analysts' approach that helps network providers to understand where business gains can be made through automation of their support systems.

16.06.2021 / System Design


The Instagram Ecosystem

This week we aim to take a look at how we would approach to design an instagram-like ecosystem: All the way from following users to interacting with posts and stories, the whole 360° overview.