04.06.2021 / Cloud Security


Utilising Privilege Management

Gartner predicts that by 2022, 40% of privileged access will be ephemeral. In the same white paper, they discuss the advantages of moving away from Standing Privileges – a key risk factor – and developing a just-in-time model with zero standing privileges. What are these models and what would ephemeral user management look like?

28.05.2021 / Automation


Network Automation

With the Covid-19 pandemic and an increase in working remotely, companies are beginning to recognise that the growth in data and devices within their network is starting to outpace their IT capabilities. In this blog we explain how companies can benefit from network automation, how to get started and which automation tools to consider. 

21.05.2021 / Automation


Automation: a guide to testing

In this blog we will discuss automated testing within projects, outline how this is done on a high level as well as explain how beneficial automated testing is within any ongoing software projects.

14.05.2021 / Automation


Security Automation

The rise in automation has shown value for businesses across many industries and functions within, and IT security is following a similar trajectory. Many security management tools have evolved to incorporate automation capabilities to solve the problem of manual processes when dealing with non-manual cyber threats.

05.05.2021 / 5G Security


Security considerations for 5G

With the improved technological capabilities of 5G, operators are encountering a significantly increased attack surface with more potential entry points for attackers. Here we look at the considerations you need to take for 5G networks.

26.04.2021 / 5G


Common 5g use cases for households

In the spirit of 5G we are bringing you another blog post, this time we will explore how households as we know it can benefit from 5G technology. After all, 5G technology isn't all about "faster broadband" or "faster internet connection". 



Edge Computing in 5G

5G brings vast innovation to the next generation of mobile networks. One of the technologies that thrives using 5G is Multi-Access Edge Computing. As a continuation of our 5G series, this blog explores what edge computing is and how it affects the end-users experience.

09.04.2021 / 5G


5G: Basic Introduction

5G is the latest iteration of cellular technology, engineered to greatly increase the speed, capacity and reduce the latency of wireless networks. This blog post will discuss the technological evolution and benefits of 5G, along with use cases.

5G Basic Introduction  0

26.03.2021 / Agile


How Scrum Manoeuvred Through Complexity and Chaos

A large multinational telco engaged Net Reply to migrate a legacy web application. Net Reply utilised Scrum to deliver the project, which was completed on-time, on-budget and it maximised the customer’s original scope.

How Scrum Manoeuvred Through Complexity and Chaos

18.03.2021 / Telco


Open Source Invading the Telco Industry

In this article we are going to look at recent statistics of open source software utilisation in the United Kingdom. Then we will explore the advantages and finally we will dive into an ongoing 5G Telco project where open source tools are used in a great extent.

Open Source Invading the Telco Industry 0

11.03.2021 / Telecommunications


Tackling Telecoms Fraud

Telecoms fraud is estimated to cost the industry €29 billion a year. With fraudulent activity on the rise, this article will discuss how the Telco industry can prevent and detect telecommunication fraud events.

Tackling Telecoms Fraud  0

04.03.2021 / Security


Password Security

A survey by Google identified that 65% of people use the same password for most of their accounts. Additionally, 30% of those passwords could be cracked within 10 guesses. Most people understand the risks of using the same password, but they do it anyway to make life easier.

Password Security 0