16.04.2024 / SD-WAN and SASE


Unlocking the Power of SD-WAN and SASE

SD-WAN entails the application of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) principles within Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions with a variety of vendors adopting it as part of their product offerings.  This article will provide an overview of its advantages, use cases, and how the evolution to SASE will help to secure end-to-end access to resources both on-premises and in the cloud.

29.01.2024 / Network Automation

Press Article

Net Reply secures UK Government’s ARIANE project as a consortium partner

Net Reply has secured the prestigious UK Government project, ARIANE (Accelerating RAN Intelligence across Networks Ecosystems) in the Open RAN (Radio Access Network) space, as part of a consortium.

25.08.2023 / Network Infrastructure


Why Investing in Network Infrastructure Delivery Management is a Smart Business Decision

In today's tech-driven landscape, a robust network infrastructure is non-negotiable for business growth. Our latest article delves into the why and how of investing in Network Infrastructure Delivery Management.

15.08.2023 / Cybersecurity


The Changing Hacker Mindset

An invariant of the cybersecurity industry is that attacks will continue to happen, but even at a global level the preferred methods and outcomes of attackers are changing and adapting at noticeable levels.

14.06.2023 / Serverless Computing


Unleashing the Power of Serverless Computing: Revolutionise Your Cloud Strategy

With the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud computing, changes, and advancements are being introduced every day, shifting from traditional bare-metal infrastructure to more efficient container technologies. Among the latest paradigms that have gained substantial attention and widespread adoption is serverless computing.

11.05.2023 / Cybersecurity News


Swiss Cheese Security

There is a concept in risk analysis known as the Swiss cheese model, based on those such as Emmental which is famous for its holes. When considering each layer of defence around a system there may be flaws, or holes, in each layer, but if the holes do not all line up then there is no direct path through the layers and the whole defence has no hole.



The Cloud and its Environmental Impact

The widespread adoption of cloud computing has opened new opportunities for businesses to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability. By leveraging the scalability and energy efficiency of cloud data centres, organisations can reduce their reliance on energy-intensive hardware.

02.03.2023 / Data Science


Challenges in Data Gathering and the Ingestion Process

In this blog, we will explore the challenges commonly faced by businesses and organisations while gathering and ingesting data for an AI model. Along with that, we will discuss the best practices for overcoming these challenges and ensuring the effective use of data in AI development.

02.12.2022 / Innovative Solutions


Network Maestro

Effective Migration from legacy, vertically integrated solutions, towards multi-vendor, interoperable, vendor-agnostic and integrated end-end high-speed internet infrastructure – Reply's Network Maestro Blueprint is a route to success.

11.11.2022 / IoT


Internet of Things and Automation

As of 2030, the global connected IoT devices are expected to grow by over 29.4 billion.  The development and fusion of real-time analytics, sensors, embedded systems, wireless systems, automation, control systems, and machine learning, have made IoT viable and practical. In this blog, we explore applications of IoT with a focus on automated drones and real-time validation using AI.

19.10.2022 / FinOps


FinOps - Introduction, Origin & Next Steps

Companies are moving their computing capacity to the cloud to benefit from the fact that the systems are managed (outsourced) by a 3rd party e.g., AWS, Azure, Google cloud etc. Efficient architecture is always the focus, however, due to a rush or uninformed decisions, various companies have been in a position where the spending on cloud services was too high.

16.09.2022 / Feature Flags



Feature flags allow for application behaviour to be controlled at runtime. Their implementations can be as simple as a home-grown environment variable interface, or be a more complex evaluation system using metadata to derive the flag values.




Net Reply are proud to sponsor the Broadband World Forum this year, where we will showcase our innovative solutions and capabilties. Network X is where the telecom and mobile industry comes together to spark powerful debates and connections. This is the new home of the long-running 5G World and Broadband World Forum, which will be joined by the newly launched Telco Cloud, designed to cover the full spectrum of the telecoms ecosystem.

19.08.2022 / Kubernetes


Innovation in Containerisation

Technology innovation has dramatically increased computing resources, usability, availability, and costs. In the past, there were not many options that allowed multiple users to use a single machine. One of the earliest methods of sharing computing resources was through a method called Time-Sharing.

14.07.2022 / Security


Protect Lessons Learned

After the end of several projects, it can be useful to come together and assess what was successful as well as the pain points that were faced. These are some of the lessons that Net Reply has learnt to avoid obstacles and ensure a smooth delivery.

07.04.2022 / Artificial Intelligence


AI Image Process Automation Tool - Demo

In our previous blog, we introduced our AI Image Processing Tool, its capabilities and applications. This blog will now cover an example of a practical use case to provide you with food-for-thought. Read to discover a step-by-step application of our Tool!

04.04.2022 / Artificial Intelligence


AI Image Process Automation & its Practical Uses

Our AI Image Process Automation Tool is able to detect and label objects in images, simplifying repetitive and error-prone tasks. But how does it work exactly? Where could this tool be applied and which benefits can it bring you? Read this article and find out!

21.02.2022 / Security


Working Remotely, Working Securely

The rise of remote working has brought many security risks, which is increased by a lack of remote working security training by organisations. This article stresses the importance for security awareness programs to be an on-going practice and not a one-time/annual event.

04.02.2022 / Cyber-Security


Phishing is on the Rise

Ever received an email that just did not look right? An analysis of more than 55 million emails reveals that one in every 99 emails is a phishing attack. As every organisation is one click away from an experiencing a phishing attack, this blog dives into the components to looks for when receiving a suspicious communication and stresses the importance of. security awareness training.

28.01.2022 / Development


WebRTC Demystified for Devs

WebRTC provides a feature rich framework for developers that makes it easy to build applications for browsers to communicate in real time. But how does it work? Which components must be understood to build a WebRTC application? Read this blog to find out!

25.01.2022 / Security


The Evolution of Security Culture

We've previously seen how security practice and technologies have changed over the last couple of decades, today, we look at how security culture has changed with it.