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Empowering our clients to reach their goals through our collaborative approach, knowledge, and experience. Our network consultancy delivers unrivalled value through innovation, automation, and forward-thinking solutions so our clients can thrive.


We are a network consultancy based in the UK that works in collaboration with our telco and enterprise clients to deliver unrivalled value. We utilise our knowledge and experience to accelerate projects whilst maintaining exceptional quality. We aim to provide our employees with the opportunity to work on innovative, challenging and exciting projects, and to provide career development for those with the appetite and ambition to progress.


Network Transformation

Our network transformation capabilities bring expertise in emerging technologies facilitating a fundamental re-design of the entire network including Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), Wireless Networks, Data Centres, Remote Access Networks, and Network Security. We have been effective and have a proven track record in all stages of the lifecycle.

Network Modernisation​

Our network modernisation capabilities bring expertise to comprehensively modernise IT infrastructure and processes in service to digital transformation. Examples include migrating from MPLS VPN to SD-WAN, migrating from black box to white box vendor hardware, migrating to the public/private cloud, enabling modern features and functionality through hardware/software upgrades, etc.

Migration Services​

Our migration services provide expertise in: requirements gathering, solution design and development, migration planning, plan execution, support go live, and ongoing support. The migration services are not limited to the networking space, and we have successfully migrated data centres, cloud infrastructure and services, networks, security, hardware, software, and systems. In addition to this, we have a strong software development capability and have handled several projects involving the re-write of web services and applications into modern technologies.​

Cloud Connectivity​

Our cloud connectivity services bring expertise in connecting and integrating various cloud services with our enterprise and telco clients’ corporate networks and data centres. We have gained significant experience over many years working with our leading telco and retail customers. Additionally, we bring expertise in integrating services between the main public cloud providers and designing the network and security infrastructure within the clouds.​

Network Consultancy​

Our vendor agnostic network consultancy services bring expertise in network planning, architecture, design, delivery, optimisation, and operations. The scope of our network consultancy includes WIFI, LAN, WAN, DC, and Cloud. We can provide resources or a managed service if required.​

Network Operations​

We provide our network operations consultants to complement and support our customer’s support teams. They are highly experienced with the highest technical qualifications possible. They are experts in complex troubleshooting and implementing changes on live networks. Most of our operations consultants hold one or more CCIE and vendor equivalent qualifications, of which two hold multiple CCIE qualifications. Our network operations consultants are experienced with security operations, in particular working with multi-vendor firewalls.​


OSS, Network Automation & System Integration​

Many organisations are now more open to automating workflows within their business, and they are at different stages of this journey. For those starting out, they may be aware they need to automate to be more efficient and profitable but do not know where to start. With our extensive experience in this area, we can provide expert guidance as to where they can make the biggest impact with the least amount of cost and effort. Once the automation options have been identified we are able to design and develop the tooling to make it possible. ​

AI Image Process Automation​

Our AI image process automation SaaS solution can help automate processes using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and label objects in images. Text is extracted and analysed, and bar codes are detected and decoded. The data extracted from the images are then used to feed into an automation pipeline for backend processing. Our models are custom and purpose-built depending on customer requirements. We can train our models to detect and identify almost any object in any image. ​

Telco CI/CD Pipelines​

Our telco CI/CD pipeline services bring expertise to design and deliver private cloud infrastructure using OpenStack and automate the delivery of services using Kubernetes. This allows for infrastructure and services to be deployed seamlessly in an automated way saving time and money. We have a demo of this capability in our lab in London. With our expertise, we can accelerate the design and delivery of this for our customers and avoid the complexity and pitfalls of doing this themselves.​

Infrastructure Delivery Management​

Our IT infrastructure project and programme management is a core competency of our business. This service is typically bundled with network architecture, design, and implementation services but can also be provided as a stand-alone service with individual consultant placements or through a managed service.


Open Radio Access Network (ORAN)​

We have strong capabilities in the OpenRAN space, with a focus on the work being done in the O-RAN Alliance. These encompass the E2E journey of virtualised/containerised mobile network design and deployment including Telco Cloud infrastructure architecture, automation of infrastructure configuration and provisioning, O-RAN Near and non-real-time RIC platform development, and Machine Learning-based network optimisation xApp/rApp application development.​

Terrestrial (TN) and Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) Convergence​

We offer expertise in the field of convergence of terrestrial and non-terrestrial 5G networks, including evaluating a range of satellite communications use cases, architecting multi-orbit (LEO, MEO, GEO) satellite networks, adapting the standard 3GPP 5G New Radio protocol stack to account for the significantly different operational envelope of satellite networks, integrating satellite networks into the O-RAN ecosystem, etc.​

Network Management & Control Software Customisation​

Many fibre operators are exploring moving away from costly black box vendor solutions like Nokia and Ericsson, towards more modular cost-effective open-source white box solutions. We have partnered with Zyxel and Netsia to provide an integrated solution as an alternative to the existing legacy solutions. We are specialists in this area and provide system integration, automation, and customisation consultancy. We have a demo of this capability in our lab in London.​



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