What we do

Our Networks business unit is committed to helping organisations Design, Deliver, Optimise, and Automate their IT infrastructure and processes. Whether the goal is to reduce cost, improve efficiency, or gain a competitive edge, we can help you with your journey.
With our specialist team of networks consultants, infrastructure delivery managers and data scientists we are always looking for innovative ways to exploit technology and deliver value for our clients.


Network Modernisation

Network modernisation is about taking your technology to the next level through upgrades or even an entirely new technology.

Access Network Management and Control Software Dev & SI

Access network management and control software development and system integration.

Cloud Connectivity

Securely interconnecting Enterprise data centres and regional offices to your public and private cloud services.


The design and delivery of a software-defined wide area network that intelligently interconnects locations over the Internet using encryption.


Network Architecture

Network architecture is the design and delivery of the complete framework of your organisation’s network.

Network Design, Delivery & Operations

Experienced and highly qualified network engineers, designers, and architects to cover the full lifecycle.

Network Delivery Managed Service

Experienced and highly qualified project managers and Agile scrum masters to cover the end-to-end delivery.

Infrastructure Delivery Management

Specialist infrastructure project management and delivery services.


Automation Opportunity Identification

An exercise to identify automation opportunities and assist with prioritising them in terms of business benefit.

Automation Tool Development

Software development, machine learning and artificial intelligence models for cutting edge analysis, predictions, reporting and automation.

Network Cloud Automation

Specialists in public and private cloud automation and CI/CD.


AI Image Process Automation

Using artificial intelligence, Net Reply’s bespoke tool can detect and identify almost any object in any image or video, adapting to your business’ needs over time. The data extracted is transferred into an automation pipeline for backend processing with a fully interactive dashboard and actionable tasks.

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Best Practice

The Right Apps in the Best Places

Many organisations continue to incorporate cloud environments into their strategy, realising the benefits they enable, including scalability, improved cost-e ectiveness, performance and agility. Net Reply help organisations to assess, architect and migrate applications to the cloud, in a safe, secure and planned manner.

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Best Practice

Network transformation

SDN provides the flexibility and responsiveness for a businesses needs whilst also reducing operational costs, reducing vendor lock-in, by providing greater opportunities for automation and afford greater opportunities for integration and innovation.

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Best Practice

Network Automation

Investment in IT infrastructure is at an all-time high with organisations driving to achieve faster delivery, improved quality and lower cost. With unprecedented access to information / data, our automation applications exploit the benefits of AI and machine learning to improve decision making.

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