Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS) applications for Smart Agriculture


The future of drones in agriculture looks promising: by 2026, analysts claim that the market for agriculture drones is set to reach $6.52 billion, expanding at 31,4 percent CARG. The demand continues to grow as the costs of drones decrease and drone software in agriculture gets increasingly sophisticated.

So, what can drones do for agriculture? The answer to this question boils down to increasing overall efficiency, but there’s more to drones than just that. As drones become an integral part of smart (or ‘precision’) farming, they help farmers deal with a wide range of challenges and reap a great number of benefits.

Most of these benefits stem from eliminating any guesswork and reducing uncertainty. The success of farming normally depends on a plethora of factors farmers have little or no control over weather and soil conditions, temperature, precipitation, etc. The key to efficiency lies in their ability to adjust, which is impacted by a large extent by the availability of accurate nearly real-time info.

• The use of drones for precision agriculture is gaining momentum because of their capability to deliver the most up-to-date information fast and efficiently. The evolution of drone software and its overall affordability also account for the increased application of drones.


Thanks to its DaaS methodology, Net Reply can provide an integrated platform to support Smart Agriculture ecosystem, by using Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, IoT connectivity and VLOS/EVLOS/BVLOS drone fleet management.

The Net Reply’s DaaS platform can be applied to Smart Agriculture use cases in order to support the complete market value chain.

For Agritech applications, Net Reply can offer a dedicated technology consultancy and advisory, based on following service elements:

• UAV payload design

• Sensors integration

• Mission planner for scheduled measurements routines

• Dedicated AI/ML modules for vertical applications

• Data ingestion/Analytics & Post-Processing

• Reporting and Issue Detection

• Internet of Drones


Net Reply can offer a dedicated DaaS platform to improve Smart Agriculture market and develop innovative applications through specialized consultancy services and dedicated system integration.


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