Automation of individual and mass correspondency


Targeted customer correspondence – fast and personal – is an important building block for high customer satisfaction. At the same time, significant potential for the streamlining of processes and the avoidance of media breaks and system changes are integral parts of professional text and output management. The automatic storage of correspondence in the filing system improves the ability to provide information to clients and saves time.

Macros Reply offers you two options for optimising your outbox.​​

Macros eSuite2Connect


Secure E-mail and data transfer

Macros eSuite2Connect provides companies with a solution for secure data and e-mail exchange with employees and customers. The components of the Macros partner FTAPI used for this enables the secure and simple submission of documents, as well as the sending of end-to-end encrypted e-mails and attachments.


Macros ePrint


Macros ePrint for individual and mass correspondency

Macros ePrint completes the document cycle with a comprehensive text and output management system. With Macros ePrint, Macros Reply brings along the building blocks and the background processes to link in every common individual and mass correspondence system. You thus have the option of unifying and simplifying your communications by way of templates, text modules and signatures.

Macros eMax


The fax and e-mail client Macros eMax

With Macros eMax you send your initial correspondence in the form of faxes and emails directly from the Macros Reply client (electronic inbox or electronic filing system) – without media breaks or switching applications. At various points within the Macros Reply client, the case handler can send a response to a customer and choose from various templates in a context-sensitive way.

The fax and e-mail client Macros eMax 0