Technological evolution of the new Mobile App for Accounts, Cards and Investments management

The collaboration between a leading digital player focused on savings and investments and Reply has resulted in a completely redesigned App in terms of UI/UX, functionality and performance.

Mobile innovation and Multichannel goal

In recent years, bank customers have moved from using the Web channel more to using the Mobile channel, so we speak of Mobile First and in some contexts Mobile Only. In this context, the first digital native bank chose Reply to work in partnership on the re-engineering and technical renewal of its Mobile App.

In just 8 months, the Application was completely redesigned (new UI/UX, new functionalities) and implemented, with publication on Google, Apple and Huawei stores and with a new BFFE (BackEnd For FrontEnd) infrastructure on Cloud. Starting from an assessment performed on the version of the legacy App, the functionalities to be maintained and those to be added from scratch were defined with the objective of Innovation and Multichannel. A digital identity was then created, the starting point for the development of flows in the App based on the customer target.


We started by introducing a modern Look&Feel, replacing the old single-page App (hamburger-menu), with navigation based on a Tab menu with a summary landing page as the first tab, and other sub-homes currently dedicated to "Accounts", "Investments", "Cards" and "Detail Menu".

On this structure, the various functionalities were introduced: those already present in the old App completely revised and the new ones starting with the Investment-Trading area. All in a scalable, flexible and structured perspective in order to be able to continue introducing value-added, innovative and dynamic/intelligent functionalities in the near future.

Flexible and scalable results for the future

Having built an app from scratch, in 'Agile' mode, gave the development team, together with the functional and UI/UX team, the opportunity to propose 'market best practice', and innovative elements, integrating features such as:



Mobile Trading and related advanced tools (Stop loss/Take profit)

Customisation of "Look & Feel" (Dark/Light Mode)

Approval of dispositive push notifications from App

SSO access to the Nexi holder portal for the management of the relevant cards

At the technical level, the Apps were developed in native technology and through the use of modular architectures, it was possible to make the project scalable while keeping code entropy low.

In addition, as part of the mobile platform redevelopment project, a BFFE infrastructure was built in the cloud, which facilitated increased performance and reduced access times to the homepage, guaranteeing flexibility and scalability for future evolutions.