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Yard management

Obtain maximum visibility and control and optimise the flow of goods in and out of your yard with Click Reply™ Yard Management, the solution for managing and tracking vehicle movements outside the warehouse.

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Click Reply™ Yard Management is the solution in the Click Reply™ suite that specialises in the management and performance of all activities that typically take place in a yard. The solution allows end-to-end management of the characteristic processes, resources and events of a yard, offering 100% visibility and control even for critical situations, expediting inbound and outbound warehouse processes and allowing urgent consignments or production line requirements to be met. COMPLETE SUPPORT FOR YOUR BUSINESS Click Reply™ Yard Management provides information on vehicles arriving at the yard and oversight of resources and processes, thus maximising efficiency and reducing the total costs of ownership. The system comes with a comprehensive range of features for activity management, including standard reception operations for inbound/outbound vehicles, loading/unloading at bays and positioning of trailers in the yard. VISIBILITY AND CONTROLInformation on vehicles in the yard, their position and status – including their load, both at a shipping and ASN level and in terms of individual packages and items – combined with the analysis of critical data, allow both yard and warehouse management processes to be streamlined.OFFLINE OPERATIONSThe availability of functions executable in both online and offline mode provides complete support for yard operations. This means that activities taking place in areas without network coverage can be executed from a mobile handset, eliminating the need for physical documents, minimising errors and optimising time management. INTERACTIVE CONSOLESSimple, intuitive graphics support and facilitate monitoring and task management. In addition, the yard is visible to the system in both 2D and 3D graphics format. Not only does this give direct visibility of locations, trailers, their position and loading/unloading status at the dock doors, but also allows direct interaction and management of yard operations.



Gate Flow

The Gate Flow module covers the management of all yard reception activities, i.e. control and registration of vehicle flows in and out of the yard. ​


Yard Management

Yard Management is the module used for the management, handling and monitoring of vehicles in the yard. The key features of this module are: the map, trucks, trailers and tasks.​


Dock Management

Dock Management is the module used to manage and control operations at the loading/unloading doors.​


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Logistics Execution Tools

Innovative, reliable, flexible and cost-effective technologies are available to our customers, to enable them to optimise efficiency and accuracy in the execution of their logistic processes.​

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Logistics Execution Tools


The mobile platform supports supply chain execution processes in different environments and operating systems.​

Logistics Execution Tools


The solution for a 100% voice-operated execution of entirely hands-free and eyes-free mode processes.​

Logistics Execution Tools


The solution for the management and control of a wide range of RFID-based devices for tag reading and writing. ​