Actuarial Services practice provides a broad range of solutions to re-insurers regarding financial and risk modelling, capital and risk management, accounting standards and insurtech. We ensure that we are always able to deliver insightful and relevant solutions to the challenges stemmed from technological changes, new insurance operating models and compliance with regulatory.

By building strong relationships we allow our clients to make valuable decisions for the future. We are passionate about solving problems, we harness our deep industry experience and collaborate across our international network to develop innovative solutions for our clients. For the most innovative and technological challenges, centers of excellence are formed in order to share technical knowledge across a broad landscape of industries and countries. The Actuarial Services practice aims for ambitious levels of growth, therefore our outstanding commitment to young and experienced talents.


Solvency II affects every operation of the modern insurance business: pricing, underwriting, risk management, asset-liability management, internal and external reporting, and more. It demands advanced modeling and analytics approaches that require transformation of the business process. We have supported insurers for several years using market leader actuarial engines. We have experience to be the best in class driving your business toward incoming reviews and regulatory requirements introduced by emerging risks directive.


Our deep industry knowledge, extensive experience and understanding of the regulatory environment allow us a strategic perspective to assist our clients with their asset-liability management, their risk mitigation processes and actuarial production reporting cycles. We help our clients to understand the risks underlying their frameworks and processes, and ensure that sound risk management practices are managed effectively to identify, assess, measure, monitor and control these risks.


IFRS 17 is significant wave of changes in accounting of insurance companies. This wave is coming with a disruptive impact on the methodology, process, systems, data and financial statements of insurance companies. We have the experience to assist our clients with a strategic approach. We can offer multi-disciplinary teams with actuarial and accounting skills, knowledge of the main market tools (FIS Prophet suites, SAP suites) and technology background as system integrator of the main accounting systems.


Solvency II and IFRS 17 have introduced complex actuarial valuation techniques in the pricing policies such as stochastic valuations of profitability. The concept of fair value liabilities is expected to be combined with the approach of cost of capital and the complexity of stochastic modelling required for the measurement of time value of options and financial and guarantees. We can help you to assess the impact of your reserving practice on the business development as well as the new business pricing decisions and expected profitability.


Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), insurtech and more in general Big Data are affecting insurance business. The recent challenges are in the area of digital transformation where incoming insurance solutions are combining non-traditional methodologies of pricing and reserving with new technology. We help organizations through all the stages necessary to develop AI-driven actuarial solutions. Our focus is to enable organizations to take full advantage of the data collected and extract valuable business insights by designing, implementing and integrating AI in their insurance environment.


Regulatory developments including Solvency II and IFRS17 are forcing insurance companies to a faster reporting turnaround according to the adoption of new accounting standards, market consistent basis for technical provision and capital calculations. Thanks to our global reach, we can provide opinion for all your international operations and successful of your insurance business. We can provide actuarial services which include the rendering of practical advice, pragmatic tailored solutions for the regulatory changes ahead, recommendations or opinions based upon actuarial considerations in the field of numbers validation and capital requirements.


Quantitative risk and financial modelling is a practice that uses mathematical, financial and statistical techniques to understand the behaviour of complex and evolving actuarial and accounting engines. Our long track record in quantitative modelling in the life, non-life and pension business ensure a wide view in the development of end-to-end effective actuarial solutions using the main market tools dedicated to data management and actuarial valuations.


Corporate vision is expected to develop an optimal business strategy which aligns with risk appetite. Our actuarial services can support your organization through pre-deal, deal and post-deal as well as assisting the top management exploring options for risk mitigation. We can asses your business to fit the most efficient and strategically effective capital structures, including innovative approches in reinsurance strategy and capital management.


A comprehensive assessments of long-term liabilities is key for financial and pension institutions to partecipate in the international capital markets and to enhance foreign partners’ and investors’ confidence. For pension organizations we support the risk management function according to IORP II regulation as well as we can carry out asset-liability management valuations consistent with legal requirements. For the purposes of an external and independent assessment we use proprietary actuarial tools based on variety of methods.


Our professionals have strong experience in FIS Prophet suites. Our centre of excellence is based in Italy. We have more of a decade experience in the implementation of FIS Prophet Suites (Prophet Professional and Prophet General Insurance), according with risk and worth metrics for both Life and Non-Life Business. We have practical knowledge of Prophet Enterprise as well as on Data Management suites.

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