What we do

We work with CFOs and their team members to address regulatory obligations across all areas of our clients including, Regulatory Reporting, Treasury Operations, Liquidity management and general financial management issues.
Our consultants work with finance functions with the objective of improving efficiency, ensuring compliance and contributing value to the business. Our experience across the sector combined with our deep technological capabilities allow us to address multiple challenges in a growingly competitive cost environment, a still rapidly changing regulatory landscape while recognising rapid technological opportunities and possible disruption.

Data Protection

Data privacy requirements have recently undergone a major shift from the old Data Protection Directive to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Avantage Reply has a strong understanding of the requirements and is well placed to help financial institutions navigate the challenges posed.

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Financial crime and sanctions

Financial crime and sanctions are amongst the most major if not the major risk for banks and the financial sector given the major financial and reputation risk of any breach in this area. With the introduction of the 4th AML directive regulators are reinforcing the responsibility of financial institutions and pursuing the shift from a rule based approach to a risk based approach.

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