Homeworking: Managing today and preparing tomorrow

Today, a worldwide virus forced homeworking in our lives. But at Reply we strongly believed in homeworking’s multiple benefits long before this virus changed our lives and habits. We analyzed numerous combinations, turned them into models, identified how to implement it smoothly and developed a strong methodology supported by a network of highly skilled experts to roll it out fast and efficiently.
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    Homeworking: reality or mirage?

    First, we saw homeworking as a solution to climate, pollution and traffic concerns. Then we saw it as an underused lever for financial and non-financial gains, for attractiveness and branding. Ultimately, we understood that remote working was in fact a pillar for any transformation towards digital, agility and efficiency improvement Therefore, we developed an End-to-End offer we are now ready to share with you.

  • Which benefit for you?

    Reply’s approach is to provide upfront its customers with a panel of solutions built as interconnected models, listing beforehand pro’s & con’s of the possible combinations. The model selection, considering your specific targets, is easy to identify: no more time wasted in analyzing all the possibilities, we did it for you. Secondly, Reply has built a network of contacts in all the areas that could be involved during the implementation and referred to benchmarked information: no more time waste to find an architect, a change manager or even a moving company, we did it for you.

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    Method and Solutions

    The various combinations are assessed on cost and investments, savings, brand and culture impacts. They are investigated on their difficulty to be implemented, the impact on the organization and their effective contribution to a transformation. And your targeted model is confronted to the actual status of your organization in the context of homeworking management, awareness and acceptance. Once the targeted model is fixed, Reply supports you during the entire roadmap. The Reply PMO sources and coordinates the various experts required for your human, technical and real estate choices. Our partners will propose the best fitting solutions to your organization and you will benefit from our pricing agreements. Our team will rely upon a special change support material to help yours to move towards a digital, agile and efficient culture based on values such as trust, accountability and respect. This makes Reply’s offer unique on the market, and totally adaptable to any kind of situations.


    But current focus isn’t anymore how to prepare tomorrow. With the long-term unexpected containment, turning homeworking as a single solution to keep activities going on, it moved to current daily management. The question is now how to manage today. To help you during these difficult moments, a webinar will be held on the 8th of April.



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