Unlikely to pay: new lifecycle management process

The reengineering process of the new information system of a well-known Italian bank provided a new challenge for Technology Reply to actively support the porting from an old application (resulting in the latter's decommissioning) to the new life-cycle management process of files associated with positions classified as Unlikely to pay.


Technology Reply developed for one of Italy's leading direct banks an application for the new processing of files related to positions classified as unlikely to pay in order to offer users of this new application a service more in line with project requirements. The application introduced a new practice processing workflow, allowing operators exemplification in the process of evaluating the customer's position.

Migration to this new application also enabled the following functionality:

  • The process of generating and classifying practice as unlikely to pay
  • The workflow for processing unlikely to pay practice
  • The information available to operators for evaluating the customer's position
  • The modes of communication (email, letters) available to the operator
  • The automatic monitoring on installment amounts associated with repayment plans for the file
  • In general, the features available to operators to manage the progress of the unlikely to pay management process

Based on a so-called "processing skill" associated with a specific practice status the operator will be able to perform a certain set of actions on the practices:

  • Move the practice to a further state provided in the workflow definition
  • Proceed to send communications (letters, emails) to the various actors involved in the practice (clients, financial advisors, practice collection company)
  • Prepare the reminder to the office in charge of handling product extinguishment requests
  • Verify balance in real time through communication with the Factory
  • Engage specific external debt collection companies
  • Propose a move to bad debt on the file
  • Verify at any time the history on the practice status transitions and repayment plans prepared for the latter
  • Close the file by proceeding to the archiving of the latter


Technology Reply oversaw all implementation aspects of the project, from the implementation of the new workflow using service-oriented architecture, to its integration with all external supply chain services, to post go-live support. It also continues to follow up on the evolutionary aspects in order to incorporate the new functionalities required by the groups involved. The project enabled the integration of process steps within a broader application used by the headquarters office leveraging technologies such as JEE, Hibernate, Spring, Oracle SOA, ETL, and Liferay to build the backend, frontend, and etl and monitoring process components.


The application is part of a highly integrated context with the other bank systems, and aims to become an important point of reference and access of all the figures foreseen by the banking organization chart for the management of practices associated with positions of unlikely to pay. Technology Reply, has provided the expertise of experienced teams in Oracle to be able to address the workflow management needs of core applications for business development. Integrations with Oracle products, to which the main activities of persistence, data management and communication with third-party applications continue to be delegated, also remain key.