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On 9th February 2019, the Falsified Medicine Directive came into force. Whether you are a wholesaler responsible for distribution, a pharmacist or a doctor responsible for dispensing medicines, VeriLite provides an easy solution enabling you to meet the regulatory requirements of FMD.

WHAT IS VeriLite

VeriLite is a web based application which has been built from the ground up by Solidsoft Reply to meet the needs of the Falsified medicines directive (FMD). Solidsoft Reply is the only company to have built the European Hub, National Blueprint systems and VeriLite; the complete component set for a fully functioning European Medicines Verification System (EMVS).

VeriLite enables those involved in the chain to meet legal requirements as users can:

  • Verify packs
  • Dispense packs
  • Update a pack’s status e.g. destroyed, sample, free sample*, stolen*, locked*
  • Reactivate a pack if required
  • Mark packs as Exported if they have been sold outside the EU


Connected a barcode reader to your PC or tablet and through your favourite browser VeriLite will automatically connect to your National Medicines Verification system. VeriLite allows end users to tailor their processes to suit a variety of situation. Pharmaceutical Product and Pack reports can be generated and then exported for easy integration with other systems. Reports include, the official selected wholesaler list for each product; to enable the management of a supplier’s risk obligation, as well as a downloadable product catalogue for products contained in the connected National System. Should a falsified medicine be detected, VeriLite displays a unique alert ID code which can then be attached to the suspected falsified pack allowing it can be returned. VeriLite not only identifies potential falsified medicines but also notifies pharmacies (and wholesalers) when medicines have expired, been withdrawn, or previously marked as being stolen. In a nutshell, VeriLite performs all the operations necessary to meet the legal requirements of the FMD.


  • VeriLite's modes:


    A two-step operation where packs are scanned, after which the user is presented with a list of actions that can be applied to the pack. Selecting the appropriate action updates the pack’s status.


    A single step operation, where a re-selects an action. Then every subsequently scanned pack has the pre-selected action applied immediately.


    Packs are individually scanned to create a list. An action is then applied to the entire list. The list is processed asynchronously allowing the user to continue with other tasks.


    Packs can be scanned and saved for later processing, even when disconnected from the internet.


    Allows pack details to be manually entered via the keyboard.


The risk of falsified medicines is growing on a global scale and the infiltration of falsified medicines in the European supply chain poses a major threat for citizen health & security. As a result of the implementation of the European Medicines Verification System over 10 billion packs of medicines, being dispensed each year, will be able to be legitimately identified thus combating the threat of counterfeit medicines. VeriLite requires no installation as it is delivered from the Microsoft Azure Cloud to your local browser. This future proof system is beneficial as VeriLite will evolve over time meaning that it will take advantage of technology advancements whilst ensuring that it remains completely in line with the FMD.


VeriLite was created by Solidsoft Reply who designed, engineered and operate the European Hub and twelve National Medicine Verification Systems for thirteen Markets. All their pharmaceutical systems are built using a GAMP5-aligned QMS. Solidsoft Reply maintain and operate the EMVS’ European-hub for the EMVO who are based in Belgium. In addition Solidsoft Reply operate and maintain National Systems for Iceland, Ireland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Lithuania, Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Malta. Solidsoft Reply’s VeriLite application is live in the UK, Bulgaria, Iceland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Cyprus. It will soon also be live in Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Norway and Finland. Solidsoft Reply won Microsoft’s first Cloud Partner of the Year Award for developing the EU-Hub in 2013/14 and this year 2018/19 were awarded Microsoft’s Worldwide partner of the Year for Health.
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