11.04.2024 - 12.04.2024 / Stegersbach, Austria


Roboverse Reply at the IFA 2024

Roboverse Reply will participate in the Insurance Forum Austria (IFA) on April 11 and 12, 2024 to exchange ideas about technical innovations and new business models in the insurance industry. In a presentation on April 11, you will also get an insight into the possibilities of artificial intelligence in relation to robots and new applications.

14.03.2024 / Düsseldorf


Roboverse Reply at Horizont Europa.NRW

Meet Roboverse Reply's experts specializing in robotics solutions on March 14, 2024 in Düsseldorf and learn more about integration scenarios around robotics, AI and extended reality where cloud or on-premise infrastructures require enterprise-ready solutions.

15.02.2024 - 16.02.2024 / Düsseldorf


Roboverse Reply at the Successful R&I in Europe 2024

Robovers Reply, specialized in the integration of robotics solutions, presents the EU-funded project "Fluently" at the conference "Successful R&I in Europe 2024".

Robotics & Autonomous Things

Case Study

Predictive Maintenance with SPOT

Hamburg Port Authority relies on autonomous mobile robotics for bridge inspection.

01.11.2023 - 03.11.2023 / Bremen


Roboverse Reply at HTG Kongress 2023

Roboverse Reply is represented at HTG Congress from 01 to 03 November 2023 at the booth of HPA - Hamburg Port Authority. They show the innovative project with SPOT, the autonomous robot from Boston Dynamics, which is in use in the Port of Hamburg for inspection tasks at the Köhlbrand Bridge.

21.11.2023 - 08.12.2023 / Germany-wide


Roboverse Reply Onsite Roadshow

Get inspired by Roboverse Reply, Preferred Solution Partner in EU and UK of Boston Dynamics, and book a free Spot® Robot Demo at your company onsite.

Who we are

Roboverse Reply specializes in the integration scenarios around Robotics and Reality Capture with Mixed Reality, where Cloud or On-Premise Infrastructures require Enterprise-Ready solutions. Roboverse Reply is your holistic partner for rapid development and long-term strategy advisor.

We partner with multiple robotic-, hardware- and software providers, among others with Boston Dynamics and Microsoft. Our solutions include AI Skills with sensor-based anomaly detection, Fleet Management for Internet of Robotic Things, Digital Twins and Business Logic to deliver end-to-end support for the Customers.

The Roboverse Platform enables Autonomous Preventive Inspection to prolong the lifespan of your infrastructures and Interactive Telepresence, crucial for Safety and Security purposes.


News & Communication

Roboverse Reply wins AIRA Challenge 2022 with Spot® from Boston Dynamics

Roboverse Reply is the winner of the AIRA Challenge (Advanced Industrial Robotic Applications), an international competition to automate inspection in chemical production facilities by leveraging on robotics technology.

13.09.2022 - 14.09.2022 / COLOGNE


Digital X 2022

On 13 and 14 September 2022, Roboverse Reply presents all around the topic of Robotics at Digital X in Cologne. At their booth, the experts explain how processes can be fully automated with autonomous mobile robots thanks to intelligent cloud services, agile workflows, computer vision and machine learning. Experience the robot dog SPOT from Boston Dynamics live in action.



Metaverse Trends

The recent explosion of the metaverse onto the public scene came from a combination of technological growth, the popularity of blockchain-based currencies and assets, emerging interest in 3D online spaces, and Big Tech’s newfound dedication to a decentralized Web3.

By using our Reply Sonar Trend Platform, we can create an overview and mapping of relevant trends related to the Metaverse.

Metaverse Trends 0

technological innovation


Area42 is a laboratory for experimenting and transforming creative ideas into reality, utilising the potential of the most cutting-edge technology in the field of robotics, advanced mobility and virtual reality.

Reply’s development center where technological innovation becomes reality

Area42 0


Best Practice


The Metaverse is the next iteration of the internet, supporting ongoing online 3D virtual environments where the world’s publicly accessible virtual experiences, real-time 3D contents and other related media are connected and accessible through VR/AR, as well as through classic devices such as PC or mobile.

Merging the physical world with virtual experiences



News & Communication

Reply shapes the future of Autonomous Mobile Robots with the power of Microsoft Azure

Reply announced today that it has developed an end-to-end solution architecture for autonomous mobile robots (AMR) on Microsoft Azure that enables new business applications across industries, reduces upfront costs and allows for the rapid implementation of customer-specific robotics use cases.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Best Practice

Bringing AI and Cloud on the move

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are the next evolutionary step for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and are able to move independently from a central infrastructure. Reply and Microsoft have developed a use case for vehicle damage inspection, fully automating the process using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing and state-of-the-art Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology.

Bringing AI and Cloud on the move 0


Best Practice


At the core of Reply’s strength matrix stands the integration of systems and the development and training of ML algorithms that can be deployed to the robots, to the Edge Cloud or to the central cloud and that give robots the autonomy needed to improve businesses.


08.12.2020 / Business & Industry

Press Article

AI on the move. Mobile robots are powering the future

Agile and fully free Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are revolutionising an industry that is set to see a compound annual growth rate of 25.38% between 2020 to 2025. In collaboration with Business & Industry, Reply delves deeper into the future of AI and robotics.

Mobile Robotics

Case Study

Robotics in Real Estate Operations

Reply, among the first Boston Dynamics Integration Partners worldwide, is testing the "SPOT" robot with ECE to support businesses in benefitting from advanced mobile robotics. As part of the so-called "Early Adopter Program" Reply and ECE have identified multiple possible use cases.

Robotics in Real Estate Operations 0