• About The Game


    Lone Wolf has returned!
    Back in the 80s, Joe Dever’s gamebooks left a mark in fantasy fiction and RPGs.
    Now, that magic returns as a video game: experience an enhanced gamebook with nonlinear choices, 3D graphics, a full-fledged combat system.
    The story is brand-new and it has been written by the author himself. You can read it in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

  • Story


    The kingdom of Sommerlund is in danger once more!
    Communications with the village of Rockstarn have ceased and you have to investigate. Only the Sunken Forest separates this region of Sommerlund from the dreaded Darkands: is a new menace looming on the horizon? Embark in a brand-new adventure and play as Lone Wolf, the last Kai Lord!

  • Combat


    No die being rolled, no random numbers you can cheat on!
    When Lone Wolf fights, you fight with him.Test your mettle and wits with the new RPG combat system, that mixes turn based actions and real time mechanics.
    Master powerful Kai Disciplines and unleash the power of the Sommerswerd, the legendary Sword of the Sun. For Sommerlund and the Kai!


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