Case Study

Pay Reply develops the Tinaba App

Tinaba is a mobile payments app to send money to your contacts and manage your savings just like social networking.

Pay Reply develops the Tinaba App 0


Case Study

CartaSi chooses Pay Reply and launches MySi Pay

With the MySi app, all CartaSi customers can sign up to MySi Pay and access innovative payment services, via smartphone, in-store, and online.

CartaSi chooses Pay Reply and launches MySi Pay 0

Digital Payment Framework

Skills Framework

Pay Reply has the skills required to create online and in-store digital payment solutions. Our development framework takes advantage of a range of technologies on board user devices, to create context-based solutions.

Skills Framework 0


Mobile POS

Mobile POS is Pay Reply’s mobile payment solution, based on the synergy between ordinary smartphones or tablets and a PIN pad, a simple device that can read payment cards and process transactions in compliance with the security standards and regulations set by national and international circuits.


Mobile Pay

MobilePay is the new payment platform, developed by the six largest Italian mobile operators - Fastweb, PosteMobile, Telecom Italia Mobile, 3 Italia, Vodafone and Wind - created to make micropayments for digital services easier and faster using smartphones, PCs, and tablets.


P2P and P2B money transfers

Peer To Peer (P2P) and Peer To Business (P2B) money transfers have opened up the age of current account-based payments. Pay Reply has extensive experience in developing P2P and P2B platforms and integrating major national circuits.



Pay Reply’s value is based on the vast expertise it has acquired and on Reply’s investment in research and development. Its customers and partners include leading companies, such as 3 Italia, Banca Profilo, Banca Sella, CartaSi, Edenred, Fastweb, ICBPI, Mastercard, Olivetti, PosteMobile, Vodafone, Wind.

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