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Digital Experience Platform

Open Reply can help you maximise customer lifetime value by building out the digital infrastructure you need to create personalised buyer journeys that keep customers coming back for more — and sharing their incredible experience with friends.


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Digital Experience Platforms are where brands
now compete for advantage

The importance of creating excellent digital customer experiences has been clear for years. In both BC2 and B2B, websites have evolved from being simple catalogues and online storefronts to becoming a keystone of the customer journey — a place where brands now compete. This has given companies new ways to collect customer data and use that data to create exceptional digital experiences that excite genuine customers rather than ‘best-guess’ avatars. It’s part of a multi-channel approach that now includes new digital channels like mobile apps and social media. To stay ahead you need a Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

What exactly is a Digital Experience Platform?

A Digital Experience Platform is simply a software framework that lets you control how you engage with different audiences across your chosen digital channels or 'touchpoints'.

You can use DXPs to build and improve customer experiences across websites, portals, mobile apps, and other such places. You already know you need to be a multi-channel brand to compete. And DXPs let you control how different customers interact with your brand across your chosen channels from one central place. At Open Reply, we specialise in helping brands use deep insights and technology to create leading-edge customer experiences.

The 3 Major Benefits of Digital Experience Platforms

Do you know them?

Control every touchpoint between the customer and your brand

The proliferation of digital marketing channels continues to grow, and you need a way to manage them in one place. With a DXP, not only can you manage them for brand consistency across the board, but you can personalise them according to where customers are in the buyer’s journey. With APIs, you can create a pricing page once and automatically update it across the website, customer portals, social media, and more. Update it once, update it everywhere.

Connect your DXP with your entire Martech stack

There are so many different marketing tools and software brands need to use today. Your DXP sits in the middle of these and uses APIs to connect to all of them. You can collect data and make sure customers get the right experience, every single time. APIs make it easy to connect and disconnect tools for absolute freedom and minimal hassle.

Detach the front-end from the back-end

DXPs are flexible. This means that the front-end is separated from, so marketers and developers can make their own changes independently. It also means you can make rapid changes without disrupting any other area of the business. Many businesses believe this flexibility is what’s most valuable to them. They get full control of the front-end and back-end with added flexibility and freedom without the usual drawbacks.

Make Your Vision A Reality

While you’re always on the lookout for excellent ideas, you’ll have at least some idea of how you’d like your customers to interact with your brand online. Open Reply can help you make that vision a reality by helping you build a Digital Experience Platform and guide you through the process of implementing it successfully. So you gain the competitive advantage of giving your customers the experiences they want.

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