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Salesforce transformation program


AXA - Global Healthcare is a leading provider of international health insurance solutions, dedicated to ensuring the well-being of individuals and families worldwide. With a strong commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services and insurance coverage, AXA - Global Healthcare offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the diverse needs of expatriates, globally mobile professionals, and multinational organisations.
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AXA - Global Healthcare partnered with Open Reply to spearhead an innovative digital transformation initiative aimed at revolutionising how they sell and support their customers using Salesforce.

At the core of this program lies a commitment to placing the customer experience front and centre, ensuring a seamless journey to select the optimal policy and access assistance when required.

Collaborating closely with AXA - Global Healthcare teams, we conducted a thorough review of existing processes, culminating in the development of a centralised global framework to guide future operations.

Utilizing top-tier solutions such as Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud, we optimised AXA - Global Healthcare's sales, quoting, and contracting workflows.

This implementation resulted in a unified Salesforce instance accessible to all users across business units, facilitating seamless data access and collaboration.

We established unified support for multi-country and multi-jurisdictional processes, while implementing a guided selling approach to enhance quote accuracy and streamline order processing.

The solution not only enabled our client to adhere to their strategy execution schedule but also boosted ROI through a scalable solution. Additionally, it significantly enhanced the customer experience, marking a substantial advancement in AXA - Global Healthcare's digital transformation journey.