Ubi banca: an innovative crm with an advanced sales platform

Iriscube Reply and UBISS have developed an advanced, integrated CRM with a new multi-channel sales platform to maximise UBI Banca's commercial effectiveness


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A digital transformation
project digitale

UBI Banca, an Italian banking group, relied on Iriscube Reply to launch a digital transformation project in order to equip the Bank with an advanced and innovative solution to support its commercial activities. This project saw the development of a new microservices platform for the sale of the Bank's primary products, integrated with a multi-segment and multi-channel CRM for the all-round management of commercial operations.

The new CRM makes it possible to cover the entire value chain: from the prioritisation of opportunities, to their planning, to the management of customer interaction, to monitoring at all levels. Throughout the project, 'Top of the Art' technologies were used, thus providing the UBI Banca group with a strategic asset for the future, supporting the 'Core of a Bank' activities.

A multi-channel sales platform and an innovative CRM

UBISS, a service company of the UBI Banca Group, launched a series of strategic projects in 2019, in line with the business plan, to equip the Bank with advanced tools to increase commercial effectiveness. The new multi-channel sales platform with micro-service technology for the sale of the Bank's primary products, starting with loans to small businesses, has been redesigned and implemented. This platform is also integrated with a 360° CRM tool to support the 'end-to-end' service and sales activities of the bank's products.

The new multi-segment and multi-channel CRM has prioritisation and operational planning functionalities and behavioural elements for maximising operational and commercial efficiency. These two projects proved to be a key strategic asset of great value to the Bank, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic that required smart working and remote customer interactions.

9 months from solution design to release

UBI Banca and Iriscube Reply worked very closely together, using Agile methodology, developing an innovative solution with a very wide scope. This made it possible to add value to the business in a very short time, considering the breadth of the perimeter, the technical-functional innovation introduced and the results obtained.

2500 daily appointments
The solution is used daily by more than 90 per cent of users and handles more than 2,500 appointments per day with end-to-end application response times of under a second.

CLARK Group Architectural Framework
The multi-channel sales platform was realised using the new CLARK Group architectural framework, the result of the collaboration between UBI Banca and Iriscube Reply.

Management and Monitoring
The CRM for the management and monitoring of all customer interaction processes features an evolved Front End characterised by a customised and optimised User Experience for banking processes. It also uses an incremental design and organisation of information that guarantees high operational performance, in terms of usability and speed of use.

CRM 360
CRM in all its functionalities has already been active for almost a year while the new sales platform natively integrated with CRM, is being released starting with small business loan products, with a fast, multi-channel and fully digital disbursement process.

"The solution implemented represents a strategic asset for the bank in the path of digitisation of its processes and services offered to customers; right from the start we are seeing excellent results both from a technical point of view in terms of performance, scalability and maintainability, and as an enabler of the results expected from the UBI Group's Industrial Plan."
Marco Cecchella, General Manager and CIO of UBI Sistemi e Servizi.

"This project, developed with the collaboration of Iriscube Reply, has allowed us to launch the Group's new architectural framework - which we have named CLARK (cloud ready architecture) - on which we will selectively port the next evolutions of the information system and in particular the new modernised Core Banking."
Massimiliano Baga, Head of Core & Omnichannel Services, UBI Sistemi e Servizi.

  • Iriscube Reply focuses on innovation in the banking sector, specialising in front-to-back digital solutions, digital sales platforms, digital onboarding, evolved CRM, biometrics, and evolved multi-channel solutions. All the solutions managed are based on innovative technologies such as microservice architectures with event-driven communication, AI systems, proximity communication, financial machine learning. Iriscube Reply supports its customers in the banking and financial sector in all phases of the implementation of digital solutions: from the initial study, to the design and definition of architectures, through to their development.

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    On 1 April 2007, UBI Banca - Unione di Banche Italiane was born from the merger of BPU - Banche Popolari Unite - and Banca Lombarda e Piemontese. It is a banking Group, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and included in the FTSE/MIB index (ISIN code IT0003487029). The group, essentially domestic, boasts a multi-regional coverage, with 1,566 branches in Italy, of which 581 in Lombardy and 144 in Piedmont, and a significant presence in the most dynamic regions of central and southern Italy. The group also boasts an international presence essentially focused on customer needs.