Magneti Marelli

On the occasion of the 39th Bologna Motor Show, Magneti Marelli offered the public a totally innovative experience in the context of Italy's automotive sector. At Magneti Marelli's stand, visitors were invited to try on the special "smart glasses": a set of interlocking cardboard pieces that use a smartphone screen to create an immersive virtual reality experience.

The experience

With the glasses in place, the viewer is immersed in a bright and futuristic showroom. All around the viewer are pillars depicting the various car brands that use Magneti Marelli components. Just by moving his or her eyes, the viewer can control the interactions, the movement of the pillars within the space, and the animations: the experience changes and evolves at each shift in direction of the viewer's eyes. Simply by fixing their eyes on the pillars for a few seconds, for example, viewers can see layers appear with information and technical data on Magneti Marelli products, accompanied by photos and videos. The technological solutions that are usually hidden away inside cars are shown to the public in a clear, detailed and immersive way.

Top-level skills, specialisations and many years of experience in the digital world combined with creativity, technological excellence and the ability to cooperate among a network of companies focused on a variety of fields. These are the strengths that have helped underpinned the success of the project devised by Bitmama and Forge Reply in cooperation with Magneti Marelli.