Lab VR

Virtual Reality with HTC Vive + Leap Motion

First person virtual reality navigation of a pharmaceutical laboratory with simulated hand controlled work cycles.

The new laboratory

Founded in 1989, Steriline is currently one of the most successful European manufacturers and suppliers of process equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, worldwide. During the 2016 ASHP industry trade fair in las Vegas, Steriline was in need of a system to showcase its new aseptic filling line of products for ACS drugs. The ACS system was still in prototype stage and it wasn't possible to physically move it to the trade fair.

Virtual reality showcase

Forge Reply developed a virtual reality application to showcase the working cycle and functionalities of the ACS system. Based on the Unity 3D game engine, the application allows the visualization of a 1:1 scale reproduction of the filling system thanks to the virtual reality headset HTC Vive. Thanks to the Leap Motion controller, interaction is possible via simple hand gestures.
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    Hands interaction

    Thanks to the Leap Motion controller, users interact with the application via simple hand gestures, selecting the animated working cycle view of the whole Steriline ACS system, while also focusing on specific components.

  • Two apps in one

    After the development of the HTC Vive headset app, a video wall compatible version was created with minimal effort. In this case, more than one user can explore the system details and interactively visualize the functionalities of the working cycle.