Lasertube VR

Virtual reality with Samsung Gear VR

A virtual reality voyage through the complex processes of lasertube's machines, discovering technical features, strenghts and functionalities of the systems.

A brand new commercial asset

50 years after his birth, BLM Group is now a leader in the tube processing technology, a unique manufacturer able to offer worldwide all possible tube machining processes and to integrate them into complex manufacturing systems. BLM Group sets itself up as a global partner for the whole tube processing, from laser cutting to cold saw, from bending to end-forming, with a worldwide presence. In 2016, BLM needed a way to showcase its new Lasertube line of products without phisically moving the machines between trade fairs.

Portable virtual reality

To answer BLM's needs, Forge Reply developed a virtual reality framework to showcase in detail the operating processes of Lasertube machines, thanks to Samsung's Mobile Gear VR headset. Built with Unity 3D graphic engine, apps within the framework allowed users to enter a 1:1 reproduction of the complex Lasertube machines, while following an audio guide in several languages.
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    An individual marketing tool

    Thanks to this solution, since the first trade fair BLM arranged 16 indivdual stations reaching 800 visitors in less than a week. Furthermore, stations were used also to support the sales team on site.

  • Portability

    Portability was one of the prerequisites of the setup, making Samsung's Gear VR paired with Samsung's Galaxy S6 smartphones the platform of choice, thanks to its high processing power and high definition screen.


Lasertube Machine