Saturno VR

Virtual reality on Samsung Gear VR

A virtual reality experience to discover
working procedures, technical features and
key strenghts of the Saturno automatic
wrapping machine.

Innovative presentation

Messersi Packaging, today one of the most important brand of Made in Italy related to packaging and industrial automation, operates in more than 60 countries, with an export share of over 70%, sales and after-sales services in all continents. In order to showcase its Saturno wrapping machine during the 2016 Nuremberg BrauBeviale trade fair, Messersi needed an innovative approach.

Virtual reality on a portable device

To answer Messersi's needs, Forge Reply developed a virtual reality app to showcase features and working cycles of the Saturno wrapping machine, using a Samsung Gear VR headset.
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    Thanks to virtual reality it is possible to showcase complex machineries without needing to phisically move them. Working cycles are recreated with plenty of details to show how the machine works from specific vantage points in complete safety.

  • High quality portable VR

    Portability was a prerequisite of the whole experience, therefore Samsung's Gear VR was the platform of choice paired with Samsung's Galaxy S7 smartphone thanks to their high processing power and high resolution display.


Saturno VR

Take a look at the Saturno wrapping machine in action.