Chicco Happy Tab

A fully-fledged Android tablet safe for children.

Game design and development

Specialists in gaming, graphic design and app development pooled their expertise to create a series of games that enrich the child’s experience of Happy Tab and stimulate the child’s skills in four main areas: language, hand coordination, logic and creativity. Three age frameworks were found to develop games suitable for children from 18 to 24 to 36 months of age and beyond. To facilitate this, a key aim of the project involved tailoring user experience to meet the needs of small children by re-designing both the graphics and the development of most of the existing games on the tablet.

A customizable environment

Thanks to the Android Expertise of Open Reply, a customized user experienced was developed to provide both the parent and the child with a specific way of interacting with the tablet. Also included is a system that updates the pre-installed apps, offers new apps and notifies users of new promotions offered by the Chicco brand.
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    Chicco Happy Tab

    For the first edition of the Tablet, Forge Reply developed 13 entertainment and e-learning apps such as: Puzzle, Baby Xilofono, Baby Star Piano, Music Band Drum, Pop Balloon, Labirinti, Cottage degli Animali, mp3 Player, Goal League, Monkey Strike, Fishing Island and Mini Turbo Race.

  • Chicco Happy Tab Talent Edition

    For the second edition of the Tablet four new apps were developed to promote the innate artistic and musical attitudes of the child. These new apps are Chicco Orchestra, Chicco Karaoke, Chicco Art and Chicco Selfie.