E-learning video game for tablets

Learning through play

Interactively learning how to compose 2D geometric shapes.

xké museum (The Why Museum)

During 2016, Samsung actively supported the technologycal development of the Museo del Xké (The "why" museum) in Turin. Xké is a learning center reserved for primary and middle school students. The idea is to promote curiosity and wonder towards the scientific phenomena in a creative way. The project, under the patronage of Samsung, was focused on the developing of a remote, interactive and involving experience to allow every child to participate, even the ones unable to reach the museum due to medical conditions.

An experience for everyone

Forge Reply, in order to answer to the specific needs of the museum, developed two e-learning virtual reality applications based on the mobile device Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab. These apps illustrate some of the individual experiences available within the museum in a straightforward, entertaining and interactive way. More specifically, two different teaching modules were created: in the first, children use pentominoes to create geometric shapes, while in the other children are asked to reproduce specific silhouettes starting from 2D geometric shapes. Thanks to the two apps, childern can track high scores and interact with audio and video hints and tips.

The pentominoes