The Contact Centre Analytics Experience

What is CCASE?

CCASE is a ‘plug and play’ ‘accelerator’ to deliver a customised AI-enabled analytics solution for any existing Contact Centre - on-premise or cloud – to provide automated quality and lately improve Contact Centre productivity, call quality management and to enhance the service experience for customers and agents.

CCASE relies on AI-Powered Services to provide Business Value to Contact Centres.



    • Real time call quality monitoring - Call real-time transcription, and sentiment analysis

    • Call summarisation & compliance adherence

    • Personalised dashboards and training path


    • Real time call quality monitoring leveraging sentiment and key phrases, speaking time & interruption

    • Alerts, ability to act

    • Agents’ Performance using average sentiment by topics/channel, etc.


    • Key topics trends analysis for single agents and overall Contact Centre

    • Best Performing Agents analysis for training improvement

    • Insights on topics /words that trigger negative sentiment

    • Customised analytics & reporting service


Existing Case Studies

Real Time Call Quality Monitoring and Alerts using Sentiment Analysis and Topics/Key Phrases detection

• With real-time call monitoring, managers are alerted in real time to calls at risk, with the visibility of context , enabling a proactive action to resolve issues and avoid a bad call outcome

Enhanced Performance Reporting & Management calls leveraging calls summarization, sentiment and topics extraction, speaking time & interruption

• Agents’ performance reporting is enhanced – by agent /channel /topic channels

• Personal learning paths can be created for more effective training; with continuous feedback, enables a better  support for agents, helps with their engagement and motivation

• Compliance can be automatically checked through a call summarisation and acted on

Omni-channel Insights Filter by channel, date, agent

• Enables a single view of insights from all  omnichannel communications can be viewed /searched/sorted by Agent, Channel, date, and sentiment

• Custom analytics which can be altered based on the requirement of any call centre with both visualisation and support through API's

• Best Performing Agents  analysis for training improvement


API layer for easy integration with existing enterprise systems
Allows to easily and quickly scale services up or down in response to changes in demand
Individual services can be combined into customisable solutions and evolve along with new changing requirements; can be delivered as a service or managed by the customer after the implementation
GDPR compliant with necessary secure data processes in place

Technical Solution Overview

Data Reply, as a premier consulting level member of the AWS Partner Network, have been able to design, configure and build a scalable, production-ready accelerator on AWS services.
The adopted solution leverages out-of-the-box services from AWS and Custom ML-powered models developed by Data Reply which have been combined for a final reliable, effective and cost-saving result. CCASE relies on AWS services to provide security, streaming, storage, transcription, analytics and UI capabilities and on custom implementation to provide call summarisation and custom trained transcriptional service.

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    Data Reply is the Reply group company offering a broad range of advanced analytics and AI-powered data services. We operate across different industries and business functions, enabling them to achieve meaningful outcomes through effective use of data. We have strong competences in Big Data Engineering, Data Science and IPA; we build Big Data platforms and implement ML and AI models in a manner that is repeatable, efficient, scalable, simple and yet secure. We supports companies in combinatorial optimization processes with Quantum Computing techniques that enable an engine with high computational performances.