Cloud Management Platform - CMP

We offer Azure Cloud Managed Services to support and implement infrastructure operations management. Cluster Reply's Platform is SaaS-based and designed to streamline interaction with a wide range of cloud services and ITSM providers.

Experience the automated cloud management technology today with a best-in-class solution!

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Your Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform

Our CMP is designed to simplify the creation and provisioning of cloud resources while supporting you in maintaining control over your budget. Whether you're managing a small cloud environment or a large-scale enterprise deployment, This accelerator by Cluster Reply is designed for easy adoption into your existing infrastructure.

Key Features

Our CMP adapts to your needs without disrupting your operations: it requires no prerequisites, imposes no vendor lock-in, and doesn’t necessitate any changes to your current configurations.
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    Resource Discovery

    By means of advanced discovery algorithms, our CMP dynamically builds a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that links configuration items and records changes over time.

  • Resource Provisioning

    Our CMP provides users with self-service infrastructure creation capabilities, to let them bring their own modules or choose from those provided by the platform.

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    Cost Management

    Our CMP provides a clear picture of resource costs across Azure and lets you get comprehensive insights into your cloud expenditure.

  • Observability

    Our CMP is integrated with Grafana to enhance the visibility of your cloud landscape and gain full observability of your cloud infrastructure.

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    ITSM Integration

    Our CMP integrates tools such as Jira, to allow users troubleshooting any cloud issues with their partner and without leaving the platform.

  • Compliance Management

    Our CMP integrates compliance management to reinforce company standards through scheduled policies and provides FinOps tools to optimize financial operations.


AI at Core

Seamlessly integrated with Azure OpenAI, Cluster Reply's CMP offers unparalleled efficiency and intelligence.


    Find out a useful way to fix the issue if your deployment fails, rely on an AI-based description of the problem, along with possible solutions to resolve the issue.


    Interact with an AI-based FinOps assistant, conveniently accessing cost information like ‘Show the cloud expenses for my Azure VMs over the past 30 days’.


    Manage your Azure cloud resources with AI-generated summaries of the impacts of your changes before deployment, or on your rollback operations.


    Write natural language queries in our AI-powered search bar to navigate through complex cloud environments and issues on your ITSM connected providers.

Are you looking for a simple way to manage your Azure Cloud Model?

Our services are designed to streamline your cloud operations, ensuring optimal performance, security, and scalability. By leveraging our expertise in Azure, we help you manage and maintain your cloud infrastructure efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

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