• A unique solution that communicates in the same way to potential customers and completely aligned with Brand Identity
  • A unique solution that maximizes customer engagement on dealer website through a set of tools and call to actions integrated with FCA platforms
  • Offer a complete understanding of the customer purchase process to optimize spending and give new solutions


  • Website responsive
  • Customer Independency


The new EMEA FCA Group Digital Dealer Portal is based on Adobe Experience Manager Platform with multiple strategic initiatives especially across Marketing and Sales (i.e. functionalities embedded with external Tools); therefore, it is essential to keep requirements in line with available development capacity. The goal of the solution is to roll out FCA Group DDP to all relevant FCA Group markets and Dealers and deploy a standardized version of FCA Group DDP to 23 other countries. The Dealer Portal has been developed fully responsive and, of course, SEO Optimized. Many markets have to be handled in parallel but go-live milestones are heavily driven by business and market strategies. Therefore, rollout management needs to handle program complexity and adhere to the defined milestones. FCA Group DDP will be one of the key enablers of FCA Group ’s business strategy and will become a prerequisite to implement corporate programs on Dealer Network, the Future Retail Strategy and other planned and future initiatives.
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    FCA is one of the largest automaker in the world, designs, engineers, manufactures and sells passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, components and production systems worldwide. FCA has introduced many technological innovations over the years, and the company has often been among the first users of new technologies