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Who we are

Sytel Reply is the Reply Group Company specialized in Telecommunication & Media industry focusing on System Integration activities in the field of Business Support Systems (billing, CRM and configuration of the commercial offer) and Operating Support System (Service Assurance & Service provisioning in addition to Network Services).
For more than twenty years Sytel Reply has been a partner for all Telecommunication & Media top players, supporting them in overcoming new challenges, combining the latest technologies with a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of their business processes and helping them in the choice of architectural and technological solutions best suited to their needs, in accordance with the requirements of business and the evolution of the market. Sytel Reply helps customers in the choice of architectural and technological solutions, in accordance with the requirements of business and the evolution of the market.

Sytel Reply, Oracle Platinum Partner, is particularly attentive to the aspects of innovation related to the technological innovation, the evolution of the main market products and to the introduction of new application visions that help clients improving their business services of a system, taking care of the design, the analysis of requirements, the development and the production release of the systems realized. In the last years different technologies have born and embraced but Sytel Reply commitment in delivering value to customer with the utmost quality, facing any difficulty, has never changed.


News & Communication

CPQ - Revolutionize the end to end product lifecycle with an archetypical approach

Sytel Reply has finalize in a Tier 1 Telco its CPQ Program, which has digitally transform the overall sales approach and all its related processes.


We lead and support our customer in applying cutting edge technologies to transform customer experience in a compelling journey and to evolve business process to make more with less.

Telecommunication & Media, for its very nature, is an industry where technological innovations is reflected in deep changes into the user experience.

In less than ten years, newspaper and TV have gone from being the most used media to become surpassed by streaming services and social platforms; cell phones primary use shifted from voice call to interact with the more-and-more digitalized world. Such changes cannot be halted; trying to oppose them means only to become obsolete.

Keep your customers engaged and your empoyees happy through innovation.


Our offer embraces all the needs of Telecommunication & Media companies in the BSS area, creating compelling customer journeys and highly effective business processes.

    Design, implement, provide, validate the end-to-end life cycle of Telecommunication & Media products & services


    Turn the old company centric systems into new, customer centric, fully digital ecosystem


    Promote and manage new business models that allow to build rate-based and subscription-based product and services


    Protect your data, your systems and your applications from any threat and ensure full adoption of international standards


How our best practice techniques can be applied to your business, in the right way, to help you run your business more efficiently.

Digital Transformation

Case Study

A whole Digital Transformation Program

Sytel Reply has been chosen as main partner to drive the digital transformation program in order to face the phenomenon of digital disruption finding new opportunities to generate value, maximise customer satisfaction and deliver success.

Change Management

Case Study

Procurement management processes re-design

Sytel Reply has re-designed and rebuilt the procurement processes underlying the company's core business that involve the procurement of actors, services and content.

Mobile Virtual Operators

Case Study

Bespoke Charging Solution to process more than 30bn concurrent events

Sytel Reply has realized a bespoke solution to manage a tier 1° Telco Operator Charging Solution. The software is able to process more than 30 million concurrent billing events daily generated by over 6 million MVNO customer.


We provide unique career opportunities both for recent graduates and expert Professionals, for who wants to change the world by making a better, more connected place.





Via Robert Koch 1/4,
20152 Milan, Italy
Phone: +39 02 535761


Via del Giorgione 59,
00147 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 844341