Intelligent Customer Service with Machine Learning

Through the targeted use of SAP Service Cloud, Syskoplan Reply creates space to move for service staff

Virtual customer contact

Nowadays, customer contact generally takes place virtually. The customer can reach a company with their request via different channels - phone, chat, website or e-mail - but ultimately the request almost always ends up in a CRM system in the form of a ticket. Turning this journey into a quality customer experience is a challenge for 90% of managers, according to a Gartner study.

Syskoplan Reply advises and supports customers with intelligently designing CRM systems, such as SAP Service Cloud, so that staff have more time for interpersonal customer contact.

Ticket intelligence

In order to manage the constantly increasing number of service requests in the call centre, the experts at Syskoplan Reply use the Ticket Intelligence of SAP Machine Learning in SAP Service Cloud. For large companies, hundreds to thousands of customer concerns arrive in the Service Cloud every day, and they need to be categorised and routed to the appropriate teams.

SAP Machine Learning supports these repetitive tasks by analysing and learning from historical tickets in a form of "training". Suggestions can then be made for all future incoming tickets, which, for example, display the basic mood of the customer or take over ticket categorisation, thereby relieving the service staff of many clicks.

Further advantages of using machine learning

SAP Machine Learning collects and analyses customer data. Based on an e-mail received from the customer and the language used in it, the customer's current basic mood can be predicted. A small smiley, which can reflect different facial expressions, helps the service agent to deal with urgent requests quickly. The confidence level at which a basic mood should be displayed can be set with a threshold in the machine learning scenarios.
In addition to the basic mood of the customer, SAP Machine Learning can extract further important information from the language used by the customer, such as order or product numbers, and make this information directly available in the ticket. Furthermore, it immediately recognises which national language the customer is using and can even translate directly if necessary.


An example of a practical machine learning feature of SAP Service Cloud is the recommendation of e-mail templates. To answer an incoming enquiry, a service agent usually first has to select an e-mail template from a pool of hundreds and then customise it in line with the customer's request. Machine learning helps the service agent with this process by immediately suggesting the three most likely and appropriate templates. This makes work easier for new service staff in particular and ensures a really easy start.


The machine learning of SAP Service Cloud adapts itself individually to each company. In order to initially train it for use, a minimum number of processed tickets must therefore already be available in the system, the data of which can be used for learning. Good results can only be achieved if the training data is of high quality and provides a good overview. Weekly data extractions from the ticket base continually feed and help improve the system so that it never stops learning, enabling it to deliver even more precise suggestions for all customer concerns over time.


Focus on the customer

Syskoplan Reply supports companies in integrating their existing processes with the new, intelligent functionalities of SAP Machine Learning and adapts these individually to the respective customer requirements.

The SAP Machine Learning features help service staff with their daily work by removing unnecessary clicks and making it easier to keep track of several thousand requests per day. This allows the staff to concentrate on what the machine cannot do for the human: To focus completely on the customer's concerns and to contribute significantly to the customer's satisfaction with interpersonal skills.

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