Intelligent Sales in SAP Sales Cloud

Syskoplan Reply supports companies on their way from a traditional sales process to a system-supported, transparent and unceasingly efficient sales organisation.

Knowledge is everything

Speed is often the key to success in today's sales world. Using one's time efficiently, knowing who is working on what at any one time, and addressing the customer at the right time are all important factors for success.

The most important prerequisite for mastering these challenges is an optimal structure, storage, and correctness of the sales data as well as a system that helps to get the best out of the existing data. Excel tables alone are no longer sufficient for this.

Focus on the customer

The customer is always at the centre of the sales process, and their expectations regarding an holistic customer experience have been rising steadily for years. Today, customer care starts at the very beginning of the sales process.

Customers expect interaction within sales teams and companies. And here, too, a system in which essential sales data is stored in a structured manner and always kept up to date can help.

The SAP Sales Cloud

The SAP Sales Cloud bundles all modern tools for excellent sales processes. The easy-to-implement, cloud-based solution offers extensive support functions for the traditional lead-to-order process, such as visit planning, surveys, activity planner and Outlook integration. One focal point here is the use of intelligent machine learning scenarios, which generate sales recommendations and forecast trends based on the available data.

Syskoplan Reply implements this comprehensive software solution for the sales and service process in companies. It offers the right mix of comprehensive standard functions, strong integration scenarios into SAP backend systems and easy extensibility. Using agile project methodology, Syskoplan Reply brings this into productive operation within a very short period of time.

Intelligent Sales Execution

Intelligent Sales Execution as part of SAP Sales Cloud offers a comprehensive tool set based on Datahug to analyse existing and forecast data in detail.

  • With the Pipeline Manager, planned sales opportunities are visualised intuitively and easily. Intelligent Scoring ensures that sales opportunities can be classified quickly.
  • The Pipeline Flow illustrates changes in sales opportunities graphically and provides information on how which opportunities in the pipeline are developing.
  • In order to compare planned opportunities with the forecast, the Forecast Tracker offers the possibility to flexibly adjust the forecast in line with the current circumstances, in order to have a realistic sales target in view at all times.
  • Relationship Intelligence analyses customer activities with different stakeholders and calculates the most valuable and influential members of the customer's Buying Centre.

More time for important sales activities

With the integration and optimisation of SAP Sales Cloud, Syskoplan Reply ensures that sales staff can focus on the most important sales opportunities that will provide the highest turnover. SAP Sales Cloud also provides an up-to-date and transparent overview of all important sales data at all times.

In this way, customer relationships can be strengthened, and more time can be spent on actual sales within the sales department.

The benefits at a glance

  • Efficiently build and maintain valuable customer relationships
  • Focus on the most important sales opportunities
  • Transparent overview at all times
  • More time for actual sales
  • Automatic recording of all deal activities
  • Immediate reaction to at-risk deals
  • Precise forecasting in sales
  • More closed deals of a higher quality
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    Syskoplan Reply

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