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GPT-4 is a powerful language model that can understand and create text and images, making it popular for AI customer service and analysis. While it can't replace top-notch chatbots on its own, combining GPT-4 with structured NLP creates a dynamic duo for tackling generic questions. Just imagine GPT-4 as the charming sidekick, always ready with a witty response when the superhero NLP can't find a match.

What is gpt-4 and why should i care?

Empower AI: revolutionise customer service, analytics, and multimodal interactions

GPT, the Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is like a chatbot superhero, swooping in to understand, generate, and engage in natural language. It's like your traditional chatbot took a dose of super serum and gained unlimited conversational powers. But let's not forget, in the realm of AI, GPT isn't the only caped crusader out there.

GPT-4, the latest and greatest model, is a true renaissance AI, going beyond mere text to provide context for images too. Imagine it as a master chef, able to analyse a picture of ingredients and concoct a culinary masterpiece. But before we get too carried away, let's remember the Herculean effort involved in such a task – breaking down the image, understanding the context, and delivering a response that makes sense to us mere mortals.

This remarkable capability can be harnessed to decipher graphs in a report or count scarf-wearing customers in a store, like a detective on the hunt for fashion trends. The potential for rapid analysis and real-time engagement with clients is like a shiny new toy, perfect for personalising offers and experiences based on the context being observed. It's like having a personal AI assistant catering to our every whim.

The AI revolution has been quietly brewing for years, like a pot of coffee that's just about ready to overflow. But the arrival of OpenAI's new models has hit the gas pedal, accelerating the interest and perceived urgency for everyone to jump on the AI express. We're on the cusp of a brave new world, full of conversational adventures and opportunities to make our lives, both professionally and personally, a whole lot more interesting.

Unleash your chatbot's true potential and utilise the hybrid power of traditional and GPT based capabilities.

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