Intelligent Process Automation:
Financial Crime Regulation

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We have explored some of the challenges faced with financial crime regulation, and how technology can be applied to help meet evolving regulatory requirements whilst maintaining the agility required to pivot your existing processes into new requirements in future.

Sprint Reply have partnered with Mansion House Consulting, who are the Reply Group company specialised on financial crime and work with some of the largest financial institutions in the UK. Through their exclusive financial services sector experience, they are able to make tactical recommendations against your existing business processes to introduce measurable, incremental improvements to your organisation.

Coupled with Sprint Reply's intelligent automation expertise with process mining, digital process monitoring and robotic process automation, we are able understand, analyse, and improve your existing business processes whilst maintaining regulatory alignment.


Incremental financial crime regulation is adding significantly to the costs financial institutions must bear, driving a need for solutions which reduce costs without compromising risk management and regulatory compliance.

This is driving heavy investment in technology-enabled controls and compliance processes. However, many financial crime risk management processes and systems today still require significant manual effort.


When looking to optimise or modify existing systems, our customers are more often than not met with technical limitations whereby regulations require new system features that were not envisaged at the time of implementation.

The fall-back position to adhere to these demands is to augment existing processes and systems with manual, repetitive tasks that are performed by valuable human resources in order to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

This introduces new challenges around human error and lack of control, and often further diverges your business process away from the core technology underpinning your systems.

Sprint Reply is a specialist in Intelligent Process Automation. Our mission is to create automation platforms capable of solving concrete business problems, supporting our customers in the transformation towards the Intelligent Enterprise and the adoption of a scalable and efficient Digital Workforce.