Sideup Reply™ Appointment Scheduler

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SideUp Reply™ Transportation Portal and Appointment Scheduler is the collaborative solution designed to manage the transportation configuration and scheduling at loading bays for large logistics centres.
Collaborative module for carriers and suppliers available on a single web platform. Improves monitoring activities and simplifies the receiving and forwarding of incoming and outgoing vehicles from logistics and production centres.



SideUp Reply™ TP-AS is a collaborative module designed to help improve efficiency and visibility into transportation configuration services for picking up freight from suppliers and access to large logistics and production centres.

The solution, which brings together carriers and suppliers of products and raw materials on one platform, consists of two functional areas:

  • The Transportation Portal (TP) whose purpose is to anticipate information related to transportation configuration in terms of goods delivery notes, pallets and materials contained.
  • The Appointment Scheduler that handles loading bay scheduling and manages the flow of access and exit of vehicles from large logistics and production centres.

The cloud solution makes it possible to quickly organise complex transportation solutions composed of tens to hundreds of suppliers, carriers and delivery points. The multi-device usability of the platform (PC, tablet, smartphone support) makes it simple and easy to adopt.

KPI charts, alerts and indicators enhance the usability and productivity of the solution, resulting in significant benefits in terms of the efficiency and visibility of the restocking process.




  • Transport management from the creation of the request to delivery, with advancement workflow to manage the progress
  • Transport management with multiple pickups and deliveries
  • Product compatibility and transportation management (i.e. fresh, frozen, hazardous materials)
  • Configuration of the freight being transported in terms of goods delivery notes, packages and related purchase orders
  • Generation of package labels and pallets
  • Support of physical activities through an Android App for industrial mobile terminals


  • Configuration of delivery centres with data on loading bays and corresponding access gates
  • Management of customisable work calendars for centres and loading bays
  • Scheduling management (creation, acceptance, check-in and check-out at the entrance gate and in the loading bay)
  • Precalculation of loading bay times based on product configurations, loading bay logistics and composition of the materials (i.e. pallets, packages)
  • Creation of KPI reporting per site, highlighting delays
  • KPIs and graphical alerts for monitoring and assessing SLAs by supplier and carrier
  • Monitoring of actual delivery times compared to expected times



SideUp Reply™ TP-AS offers the following benefits:

  • Organisation of work and efficiency of inbound transport activities
  • Efficiency of logistics operations relating to receiving and unloading thanks to the appropriate identification and labelling of the products and pallets
  • Control of vehicles present in logistics centres
  • Measurement and monitoring of the actual performance of logistics centres, carriers and suppliers
  • Reduction of errors and missing shipments


SideUp Reply™ is warehouse management, inventory, cross docking, track & trace and logistics of point of sale in web mode.