05.06.2024 / Outsourcing

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Launch of Third Party Watch for Financial Organizations

Published in Paperjam - Outsourcing governance has been an increasingly important management area in Luxembourg financial services. Most Banking, Asset Management and Insurance companies have put in place operational and IT models relying heavily on external and intra-group service providers.

23.04.2024 / BioScience Today

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Combating falsified drugs – Ensuring patient safety throughout the global supply chain

Medicinal products are an appealing target for illicit trade, with an estimated annual cost of $200 billion and potentially millions of lives lost. The problem affects low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) disproportionately.

25.03.2024 / CHFT News

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Triple shortlisting success for CHFT at the HSJ Digital Awards

CHFT has been shortlisted in three categories at the HSJ Digital Awards this June, including the Improving Medicines Management and Pharmacy through Digital category entry for our co-designed first-of-its-type electronic controlled drugs register.

29.01.2024 / Network Automation

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Net Reply secures UK Government’s ARIANE project as a consortium partner

Net Reply has secured the prestigious UK Government project, ARIANE (Accelerating RAN Intelligence across Networks Ecosystems) in the Open RAN (Radio Access Network) space, as part of a consortium.

27.11.2023 / CHFT News

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Theatres join the long list of wards and departments using eCDR-Pro

Our rollout of the eCDR (electronic Controlled Drugs Register) at HRI is almost complete, as Theatre Recovery, Day Case and Main Theatres are the latest areas now using it.


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Achieving Clearer Visibility with Cloud Data

Ireland-based materials manufacturer, Kingspan has recently deployed AWS accelerator solution, AMP, from Storm Reply to help the company maximise its data.


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AI-led business processes – getting the balance right between business impact and staff satisfaction

David Semach, CEO of AIM Reply, spoke to Information Age about how businesses can keep staff motivated and productive alongside AI-led business processes.


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Virtuoso and Portaltech Reply Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Innovation in E-Commerce Quality Assurance

Virtuoso's cutting-edge, AI-driven test automation platform is set to enhance Portaltech Reply's extensive customer experience and multichannel commerce solutions.

27.07.2023 / Information Age

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How Solidsoft Reply helps healthcare and pharma companies

Charles Young from Solidsoft Reply spoke to Information Age about how the company helps healthcare and pharma companies, particularly via its development of an effective controlled drug administration system.

23.06.2023 / Health Tech World

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First-of-type electronic controlled drugs register adds to hospital trust’s growing list of digital achievements

An electronic controlled drugs register is the latest first-of-type solution at a health trust already brimming with digital innovation.

22.06.2023 / THIS

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First-of-type electronic controlled drugs register adds to hospital trust’s growing list of digital achievements

As we have chronicled in some of our earlier insights, ditching paper-based processes is an all-encompassing and long-held goal for the NHS.

19.06.2023 / Diginomica

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UNICEF partners to tackle fake medicine abuse internationally

People in low- and middle-income countries are at risk from taking fake medicines. This pioneering project uses digital technology to boost patient safety.

05.06.2023 / CHFT News

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eCDR-PRO Praised for Time Saved on Monthly Controlled Drugs Checks

After a successful pilot back in February we are now live with eCDR-PRO (‘Electronic Controlled Drugs Register’) in 15 Wards or Clinical areas at HRI (including Pharmacy).


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A European supervisory revolution? What the proposed SREP changes mean for your bank

If you have ever worked at a bank, you might have come across a process called Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP). A “baby” of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the European debt crisis, this process is an essential element in ensuring that banks remain safe and reliable.

08.03.2023 / ARTICLE

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Is your supply chain tested by changes in demand and geopolitical and economic disruptions? Is your business chained down by inflexible processes and outdated technologies? Unlock them with our composable digital platform LEA Reply™! Read our article on Business Reporter to discover how LEA Reply™ is helping our customers here.


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Perhaps unsurprisingly, climate action failure, extreme weather events and biodiversity loss have been identified as three global risks anticipated to have the most damaging effect over the next ten years according to the World Economic Forum Global Risks Perception Survey 2022.


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Creating remarkable customer experience by understanding customer intent

Katie Routledge, Manager, Retail Reply explains the most effective strategies for building a remarkable, digitally enabled customer care experience that enables retailers to maximise each customer interaction at The Retail Bulletin.

29.06.2022 / TechInformed

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How EasyJet is scaling to new highs with AI

Ian Chambers, the low-cost airline's digital director who also oversees the holiday segment, explains to TechInformed how the firm utilizes Sprint Reply's chatbots and personalisation to handle enquiries and drive bookings.

27.05.2022 / EU Automation

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EU Automation Magazine

Tim Shepheard-Walwyn, senior manager at Sprint Reply UK, has an interview with AUTOMATED about Sprint Reply UK: "Our mission is to help our customers interface with their business systems through optimisation and transformation of their business processes."

Read the full interview in the EU Automation Magazine.

03.05.2022 / Today UK News

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The best companies to work for in the UK named for 2022

Airwalk Reply UK becomes Great Place to Work  certified! Through the Certification process, valuable employee feedback is captured using the research-driven Trust Index© survey and details about the programmes and practices that make each workplace unique. 85% of the Airwalk Reply team completed the survey and the company scored a 92% positive.

11.04.2022 / Robotics & Innovation

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How machine vision technology is transforming operations and adding value across key industries

Tim Shepheard-Walwyn, senior manager at Sprint Reply UK, shares his thoughts on this topic of delivery robots in the April 2022 issue of Robotics & Innovation Magazine.