A transformational change in Network capability; offering providers and Enterprises a significant opportunity to deliver truly disruptive solutions that provide key competitive advantages


A steady Evolution

Enterprise WAN technology has evolved slowly over the last twenty years. There's been a transfer from dedicated ‘point to point’ to ‘point to multi-point’ and between private and public network underlays, but for many enterprises, an increasing speed has been the major visible benefit. SD-WAN however provides a transformational change in Network capability. Download our white paper to find out more about the many factors to consider when determining whether, or more likely, when, to adopt this technology. This paper assumes the reader has an appreciation of SD-WAN concepts and will focus on the security implications of SD-WAN.

Building on the latest automation and virtualisation technologies

SD-WAN builds on the latest automation and virtualisation technologies to service businesses, providing more agility and control, offering better user experience and most importantly, to be ready to exploit new capabilities emerging from solutions such as edge computing and machine learning to name a couple. These advances will allow leaders to understand their infrastructure better, have a flexible means to scale up and down and to demonstrate return on investment.

SD-WAN Security Improvements

Much of the process of integrating network security products can be reduced to a few careful clicks - reducing deployment time of new solutions, and quickly reducing the attack surface.

Security component configurations can be modified by approved administrators on demand, by either individual admins or extending to trusted groups with granular permissions. Self-serve portals where you can manage multiple vendor components will become more prevalent with service provider solutions.

Establishment of secure communications between SD-WAN locations can be built into standard connection templates and automated across any connectivity medium.

Simplifying patch management, increasing confidence that security patches on platforms are maintained using zero-touch upgrade techniques.

Clear and complete reporting of all infrastructure components within the SD-WAN umbrella.

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