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The Solution

Using artificial intelligence, Net Reply’s bespoke tool can detect and identify almost any object in any image or video. The data extracted is then transferred into an automation pipeline for backend processing. The result is a fully interactive dashboard and actionable tasks for your business. Applications of the tool include near real-time validation of field service installations preventing site re-visits in data centers, compliance checks and audits, and tool identification.

The AI Image Process Automation tool adapts to your business’ needs over time; the tool has been built with microservices architecture for future ease customisation and maintenance.

Contact us for a demo to discover how Net Reply can design the right solution tailored to your needs.


The image process automation tool provides the engineer with the capability to conduct near real time validation of field installations. This can be used to validate if the equipment has been placed correctly in a rack, with the correct cabling and labelling. Automating the process allows for a reduction in errors, improves productivity and reduces costs by over 90% compared to when such tasks are carried out manually.


The image process automation tool uses AI object detection, optical character recognition, and barcode recognition to perform inventory audits and checks from a photograph. The information inferred and extracted from the photographs is then used to update backend systems and drive automation workflows. We have observed a productivity increase of over 90%, with a near perfect reduction in human error.


The image process automation tool can carry out compliance checks in data center environments. This can ensure that equipment is installed neatly, labelled properly, and provisioned in the correct place. It can detect if devices have any alarms visible or if any necessary cables are missing. An example is if a device should be redundantly powered but is not. This may result in an unnecessary outage which could have been prevented.

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