Workshops: Onsite or online?

A study on the configuration of meetings in a hybrid world

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Finding the right mix

In-person meetings replaced by video conferencing: The COVID-19 pandemic gave a huge boost to the evolution of remote working. Digital working from any location has many advantages. For example, most remote workers have learned to appreciate the increased flexibility it provides. At the same time, many also miss the personal interaction that comes with on-premises workshops, the reason being that very often what counts is not what is said, but the way in which it is delivered. Interpreting this is much easier face-to-face. A hybrid environment can combine the advantages of both worlds.

Extensive experience

When is a remote workshop preferable? In which cases is an on-premises meeting more effective? And how can individual elements of remote events be integrated with personal formats? We at Laife Reply looked into these questions as part of a study. Based on the experience of over 100 participants made up of different age groups and sectors, we were able to develop ground rules for facilitating successful workshops in a hybrid world.

& a guideline for your workshop

Our study "Workshops: remote or on-premises?" can help you to make the right decisions for your event.

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Success factors

Remote or on-premises? Our study indicates that the following factors are essential for the success of a workshop.

A tailor-made solution for your event

Do you need additional input or specific support for your workshop? Our study provides deep insights into this topic. In addition, our experts would be pleased to advise you on this. Together we will develop innovative workshop formats tailored to your use case and implement these thanks to our pronounced expertise with the highest quality standards.
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