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Our Purpose:

The reimagining work team at Laife Reply aspires to create a sustainable and efficient work environment in which people can flourish. It is their purpose to make their clients' vision become a reality.​

Laife Reply aims to support the pharmaceutical companies become learning organizations by establishing new internal start up initiatives or by embedding agile and iterative processes in key parts of the organization. This will result in improved data transparency and sharing that ultimately lead to faster, tailored and quantified benefits. Changing the ways the organization works enable pharmaceutical companies unlock their full potential through speed to market, experimentation, customer focus, and the power of cross-functional teams. 

We help you in:

Developing suitable approaches for the implementation of agile and incorporation of the optimal ways of working

LAIFE Services

 Depending on your need and your unique journey, we support and help you through: 

  • Conduct Agile and Team Identity Survey to assess current maturity level & derive development roadmaps
  • Provide solutions to develop and live team values, norms, and behaviors
  • Establish and maintain a suited and transparent collaboration environment in heterogeneous, cross-functional teams
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning
  • Reinforce a shared purpose, vision and objectives through e.g. workshops for goal setting, vision creation, user centricity mapping and Alignment & Autonomy

Your initial situation and final target will be analyzed together. Based on the data obtained, Laife Reply is able to create tailor-made concepts at the management, team, and/or project level, as well as individual transformation roadmaps.
At Laife Reply, tradition and agility unite. Combined with many years of project management expertise, the employees of Laife Reply support and accompany you as coaches and method masters in the implementation of agile working methods and methods (OKRs, Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, and scaled frameworks) by:

  • Conducting workshops
  • Construction and optimization of a suitable communication infrastructure

Multipliers - employees in your company who pass on the agile idea - are crucial for a successful agile transformation. Through targeted coaching, training, and setting impulses, Laife Reply supports you and your multipliers in understanding, adapting, and further developing agility. For this purpose, Laife Reply offers the following services, among others:

  • Overview and Deep Dive on Agile Methods
  • Optimal approached to conduct retrospective meetings
  • Usage of agile tools to support the application of agile methods
  • Leadership coaching to empower people
  • Project coaching to adjust and adapt methodologies and tools
  • 1:1 Coaching for team members to foster agile capabilities in the team

Workshops are the ideal process accelerator for an agile way of working because they instigate direction and promote teamwork. Therefore, preparation and selecting the right workshop components are crucial for success. With extensive expertise and experience, Laife Reply support:

  • Digital and on-site workshops for a wide range of objectives, e.g. project/program kick-offs, team building, brainstorming or decision-making
  • We also offer comprehensive advice on:
    • Suitable design elements (e.g. conversation cafés)
    • Interactive collaboration approaches, such as 1-2-4-all method
    • Approaches for all agile events (retrospectives, refinements, planning, stand-ups…) of common agile frameworks

Hybrid Work


Workshops: onsite or online?

As part of its study "Workshops: Onsite or online?” Laife Reply has developed ground rules that make it possible to deliver successful remote and on-premises workshops in the hybrid world. These help managers to combine the advantages of both worlds.

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    Laife Reply

    Laife Reply is a management consultancy with a dedicated focus on the life science industry. Laife Reply's clients are globally active corporations and emerging specialists in the pharmaceutical and Life Science industries.
    Laife Reply guides and accompanies clients through their strategic and operational projects along the entire R&D-to-market process. The experienced team combines a passion for science, in-depth industry knowledge and management expertise with a strong "can-do" mentality.