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About us

Laife Reply is a management consulting firm specifically focused on the life science industry. Laife Reply's clients are global corporations and emerging specialists in the pharmaceutical and related industries. Laife Reply guides and accompanies clients through their strategic and operational projects along the entire R&D and Go-to-Market process. It is important to us that we derive our recommendations for action in a scientifically sound manner and we do not forget that the customer is always at the center of our attention. In doing so, we are united by solution-oriented action and a distinct "can-do mentality"!

Our Approach

Laife Reply’s thinking and action goes beyond immediate project delivery. By instigating transparency, we understand existing blockades in the corporation and dissolve them involving all relevant stakeholders. This leads to enhanced agility within the organization. Our strategic initiatives are tailored to your firm. With a blend of project management and subject matter expertise in science & technology, we work at optimizing complex structures in addition to being your advisor and sparring partners.


The reimagining work team aspires to create a sustainable and efficient work environment in which people can flourish. They aim to make your vision become a reality.

Depending on your need and your unique journey, Laife Reply supports you in fostering your team's culture & mindset and implementing agile project management to your projects and programs. Further services include Training, Coaching and Workshops.

At Laife Reply, we are thought leaders in digital technologies, helping pharmaceutical companies bring better products and services to market faster & more cost-effectively, ultimately improving patients' quality of life. The experts support organizations to resolve their pain points with innovative digital technologies while working closely with clients.

Laife Reply enable organizations in their transformation towards becoming truly sustainable. Our approach covers the development of sustainable supply chains, the creation of sustainable business models, the measurement of total impact and the establishment of effective governance. Experts guide clients through their change management and communication challenges in their transformation process. Digital technologies and new ways of working are applied as powerful levers.



Laife Reply is looking for focused and committed professionals, who share our passion for science and want to get things done. Are you in?


Transforming existing approaches


Digitalizing Pharma

Digitalizing gives pharmaceutical companies decisive competitive advantages. The potential remains to be utilized fully by using prevailing data and technologies. Laife Reply aims at that- we remove obstacles in the pharmaceutical industry and pave the way towards digitalization.

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Hybrid Work


Workshops: onsite or online?

As part of its study "Workshops: Onsite or online?” Laife Reply has developed ground rules that make it possible to deliver successful remote and on-premises workshops in the hybrid world. These help managers to combine the advantages of both worlds.

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New ways of Working


Reimagining Work

The Reimaging Work team adapts their services according to your requirements. Services may therefore range from shorter workshops to long-term trainings or coaching. From agile project management to a more deep-seated fostering of an agile mindset and culture.

Match Fit 4 Transformation


Fit for Digital Transformation

70 percent of digitalization projects fail - because of an inadequate process landscape and employees unable to embrace and drive change. The program "Match Fit 4 Transformation (M4T)" is preparing enterprises, so they can run successful digital transformation initiatives.

Learn more about M4T and our approach.


Best Practice


Keeping business running even when facing major disruptions is possible if an organization is sufficiently prepared. Recent events in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic have made us aware of this simple truth once again. Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a company-wide approach designed to ensure that critical business processes can be maintained in the event of a major internal or external incident.

Industrie 4.0

Case Study

A new dynamic for the IoT Pilot project PLUSS

The implementation of digital transformation projects is proving to be a key element in the pharmaceutical industry to position companies sustainably in a competitive environment. Merck, a company specialising in healthcare, life sciences and performance materials, has been supported with suitable project management methods by Laife Reply in achieving this goal in a structured manner.




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