The challenge

Email or other text-based communication channels (such as ‘contact us’ form submissions) represent significant amount of the traffic passing into your customer service & helpdesk functions.

Many of these emails are routine queries or information requests, such as confirming or cancelling bookings, updating contact details, or querying the shipping status of orders. These emails are difficult to prioritise and it’s crucial they don’t hinder the escalation of more brand-damaging issues / complaints.

If email traffic represents 20% of your customer contact, handling the responses takes a disproportionate amount of effort – it takes longer to resolve an email query than it does via phone. An automated AI-enabled solution can handle these simple email queries, whilst freeing experienced contact centre agents to tackle the more complex challenges.

Data Reply's solution

Data Reply’s intelligent email handling solution addresses this challenge and drives improved efficiency and customer experience for contact centres. It combines topic classifcation and sentiment analysis to determine whether a response requires the personal touch from a contact centre agent or can be resolved quickly and efficiently by an automated workflow. This can also help with common issues such as contact centre staff retention, removing the mundane repetitive tasks and allowing valued staff to solve customer issues.

Our solution can handle the majority of inbound email without human intervention once fully trained. By utilising Robotic Process Automation technology, the solution is also able to interact with legacy systems to further extend its capability and greatly simplify implementation.


Harnessing best of breed platforms from our technology partners, Data Reply have created a flexible solution that can be applied to a multitude of customer & employee contact scenarios.

Our solution brings together the depth & breadth of experience within the Reply group to build a compelling product which can be tailored to deliver genuine business value in your organisation.
  • Contact Centre & Retail Expertise
  • Process Excellence & Design
  • Big Data, Machine Learning & AI
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Real-time Integration

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    Inbound Communication

    Customer queries can be picked up from emails and form submissions, or through conversations with a call centre, chatbot or voice assistant. Our solution is equally e ective in customer facing contact centres as well as internal employee helpdesks.

  • Document Analysis

    The customer communication is passed to our AI- based text analysis engine. The engine then applies a custom Natural Language Processing (NLP) model to determine the meaning of the email (intent) and the tone (sentiment).

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    Process Automation

    Based on the results of the document analysis, a rules-based engine determines the most appropriate course of action to take. This can include a direct system call via an API, or for more complex orchestration, Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

  • Customer Centric Outcomes

    The customer will be presented with a human-like response once a resolution has been achieved. If human intervention is required, a contextual request for a human agent to take over the conversation is generated, with the customer experience remaining seamless.

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    Data Reply

    Data Reply is the Reply group company offering a broad range of analytics, automation and AI services. We operate across different industries and business functions, working directly with executive level professionals, enabling them to achieve successful outcomes through effective use of data and application of intelligent automation technologies. Many of our customers are struggling to identify how to reduce costs whilst simultaneously improving services, we help them to leverage intelligent automation to achieve exactly that. At Data Reply, we pride ourselves on helping clients make the right decisions to build their data and automation strategies. With our consultants expertise, we map and design the right solutions to meet our clients' business needs. We deliver class leading, bespoke solutions, and offer in house training to ensure that our clients realise the full value of their investments.